Make Your Own Homemade Jewelry Cleaner Solution Free

Why pay $2 – $12 for Jewelry Cleaner Solution when you don’t have to?
Most people already have the needed ingredients at home! :)

All you have to do is put them together!

The Big Secret!

Here’s a secret that many don’t know… This is what the Pros use! They don’t use the Cleaning Solution that they sell over the counter, oh no. They make their own simple formulas that anyone can do. Plus, it works better anyway! :)

Jewelry Cleaner is nothing more than a strong cleaning solution and a little suds.

So why spend the money?

Just walk over to your kitchen cupboards and pull out these common cleaners:

  • Mr. Clean (or Ammonia)
  • Dawn Dish Soap (or any Dish Soap)

There you have it!

Easy at that. Now run some Hot Tap Water, grab a bowl and mix in 7 parts hot water, 1 part Mr. Clean and a tiny squirt of Dawn Dish Soap… Like so…

Home Made Jewelry Cleaner Solution

Stir it up and you’re ready to clean.

You’re in Hot Water!

You see, the HOT water (not boiling) is the trick. It does wonders to cleaning your Jewelry, Diamonds and Gemstones (ever try doing dishes in Cold water? It just doesn’t work so well).

Just be careful not to put fragile Gems like Emeralds, Tanzanite, Opal or Pearls in the hot liquid (see full list here). The hot water could dry out the gems and crack them. But for harder gemstones like Sapphire, Ruby, Diamond, Topaz and Quartz, no problem! It works like a charm.

Let your Jewelry soak in the solution for a few minutes, or put this solution into your Ultrasonic Cleaner and turn it on. :) It usually takes about 3 minutes to soak and agitate to remove most dirt and debris. When you see dirt particles breaking off and dissolving away from your Jewelry, you’ll know it’s working.

Where’s the Toothbrush?

Now take an old soft Toothbrush and gently dab at your Jewelry to remove any remaining dirt or debris.

Make sure you get underneath the Diamonds, Prongs and Crevices where crud will build up.

Rinse off your items with warm tap water (don’t let them go down the drain), and your rings will sparkle like the day you bought them.

It’s quick, it’s easy, and this is what the Jewelry Stores use.

So unless the stores actually give you a bottle of solution for free… MAKE YOUR OWN!

Clean your Diamonds and Gemstones once a week to keep them clean, and this will also prolong the life of your Jewelry. The dirt won’t erode them!

It’s a simple cleaning solution that works just as well as the Pros.

And you did it all for Free!

Cheers! :)

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