10 Bad Things About Gold

Gold Bad for Jewelry?


Gold is Bad?


You’ve Got to be Kidding me!


Let’s begin…

Even though I’m sure there are things that apply towards other Metals as well. :)

1) Gold only comes in one Color: Yellow!

White Gold is man-made and doesn’t Exist in Nature. The same with Rose Gold and Green Gold. Alloys are mixed with Yellow Gold to form different colors and variations. Read: White Gold Turns Yellow!

2) Gold is Expensive!

A simple Gold Wedding Band can run anywhere between $80 and $800 (If not more) depending on Today’s Economy. Buying a heavy gold ring could cost you an arm and a leg. And wait until you add Diamonds and Gemstones into the mix. Ouch!

3) Gold Dulls up and Scratches Easily!

It’s impossible to keep your rings looking brand new. All it takes is one bump, or to pick something up and viola, you have another scratch!

4) Yellow Makes your Diamonds look Yellow!

That’s right! A Yellow Gold Ring will make your Diamonds look Yellow too! Why? Because a Yellow Mounting does a good job of casting reflections and color into your stones. It could turn your beautiful White Diamond into a Yellow one!

5) Pure Gold is Soft and Malleable!

And that’s because it can be bent way too easily. That’s why Gold is mixed with other alloys like Copper and Nickel. Other alloys make Gold more durable for wear so it can hold in your Diamonds and Gems.

6) Lots of people are Allergic to Gold!

Actually most people are Allergic to the Nickel Alloy mixed in the Gold to make it more durable. But no matter the reason, the point is, a lot of people can’t wear Gold. Who wants to break out in a rash? Read more: Gold Allergies!

7) Gold Erodes!

It wears down over time. It dulls up and can even tarnish. Not to mention the fact that it can get stress marks and even pit. Prongs get brittle and break, the shank gets thin. You have to maintain Gold a couple of times a year just to make sure everything is tight and secure in your Rings and Jewelry.

8) Gold Imposters!

With so much Gold Jewelry out there, you’ll see there are a lot of look-a-likes on the market. A lot of costume plated Jewelry looks like Gold but isn’t.

Then you have hollow Jewelry, Gold Filled Jewelry (Like Watches), Gold Plated Rings, Earrings, Pendants and Bracelets. How do you know if it’s actually real or not? Some are very deceiving.

Plus you can never truly trust a Gold stamp. Just because it says “14k” doesn’t always mean it is. When in doubt, have it Acid Tested (or Buy an Acid Tester yourself)… It could be only the Clasp that’s Gold!

9) Gold can become Weak and Break Down

When it comes into Constant Contact with Bleach or other Harsh Chemicals. It’s good advice to always remove your Jewelry before you do laundry or spring cleaning.

10) Resell Value!

Granted Today is A Great Day to Sell Gold because the market is so high, but that could change tomorrow.

Plus keep in mind, when you’re Selling your Gold, you’re only getting Scrap Metal Value for it. Your Gold ring may melt down to just a small drop of Gold, and that’s what you’re getting paid for.

Scrap Metal doesn’t Pay you a lot of Money, but it does Pay Some. Every little bit helps!

So there you have it!

Ten Reasons why Gold is not so Good for Jewelry!

Does this mean that you shouldn’t buy a Gold Ring? Nope! It just means that you should be aware of the downfalls before you purchase that Gold ring.

And you could always buy into a White Metal like Platinum, Steel, Tungsten or Titanium. But if you’re like me, you’ll say: “It’s Just Not The Same!

For me, There is No Substitute for Gold!

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