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Gemstones cover the Earth with Billions and Billions of fascinating Shapes and Colors. Every single Color of the Rainbow can be found in most Gemstones. People get confused with all the different Colors, Birthstone Months, Synthetics, and Created Stones. There are just too many stones to choose from. But because of their multitude, it's no wonder why Colored Rings are so popular. Their Colors will compliment any clothing, hair color and even eyes.

Prices will vary anywhere between a couple bucks to the tens of thousands of dollars. I'm here to open your eyes to Gemstones on the market and in the Jewelry Stores.

I want you to take a closer look and learn what makes a Good Gemstone and what makes a Gemstone Scam! With topics like: Genuine VS Created Gemstones and Making Great Add-A-Pearl Necklaces. Not to mention things like: Why Sapphires are the Best Gemstone, and All Birthstone Months! You'll enjoy learning about Gemstones and discovering new and exciting ones. Some of the most interesting Gemstone questions have been already answered, but I still have tons of other Topics, Colors and Gems to write about.

Some examples of up-coming articles are:

So you see, I have a lot of work to do. I really enjoy writing these fun articles, I enjoy Gemstones and Gemstone Jewelry. Enjoy the list of the articles already written. If you have some interesting ideas that you'd like to see an article on, contact me at the bottom of the page. I hope you enjoy all of the articles on Gemstones and Gems and Jewels, and I hope you come back for more! See you at the Jewelry Store!

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