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Jewelry is the main reason you're here. It's the main reason I'm here. When it all comes down to it, we're hooked on Jewelry. And it doesn't matter what kind of Jewelry, it could be Exotic Jewelry, Hand-Crafted Jewelry, Hat Pins, Toe Rings, Ear Cuffs, or Promise Rings. People just love Jewelry, love Diamonds, love Gemstones. You can get emotional over Jewelry, it can be passed down from generation to generation. We wear Jewelry every day. We feel naked without it. It takes on our personality. It makes us feel good. Jewelry's a powerful thing. It touches everyone, but for most, it touches us for life!

But you have to be careful. We get so wound up in the glimmer and glitz, that we forget that there are shady Jewelers out there. Jewelers that will rip you off blind if you let them. They'll over-charge you. They'll Switch your Diamonds. They'll sell you used merchandise. Thin Shanks! Created Stones! Hollow Diamond Guarantees! Expensive Service Plans! You have to keep your head up. There are lots of crazy things out there to understand. Things like: Prongs that break easily and Free Ring Sizings!. Not to mention fun things like: Earrings for Fat Ears, and The Worst Tennis Bracelet Ever Made!

Some examples up-coming articles are:

So you see, I have a lot of work to do. It all boils down to time and effort. I'm constantly updating the site and adding new articles. It's time consuming, but I love it. I believe in being truthful with customers, even if it's painful.

Enjoy the list of my current articles. If you have comments, questions or concerns or want some other topic answered, contact me at the bottom of the page.

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Jewelry, Diamond and Gem iPhone iTunes Apps! How should an Engagement Ring Fit? October 2012 Miami Jewelry Show!

Best Pearl Necklace for the Bride to Wear! Police Report for Missing Diamond Ring! New Trent CD-3800 Digital Jewelry Cleaner!

Chains that you can Sleep in! Why Rings Bend and Break! Make your own Chakra Jewelry!

How to get a Job at a Jewelry Store! If you Engrave your Ring you Keep it! Jewelry Store Gets Robbed!

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How many times can you Size a Ring? Fun Jewelry BrainTeasers! Jewelry Sudoku Puzzle!

Anatomy of a Ring! Jeweler's Tools of the Trade! Gold Acid Testers!

Jewelry Salespeople Training! Macy's Won't Return a Diamond Ring? What are Worry Rings?

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Star Trek Star Wars Geek Rings! Mother's Day Gifts! Spring Clean Your Rings!

Father's Day 2014 Best Gift Ideas! Jewelry Sales People Jewelry Discounts!

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