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Metals like, Gold, Platinum, Steel, Tungsten, Palladium, Titanium, Copper and Silver, have always been treasured by millions and adorned by billions. The secret lure of shiny, metallic ornaments have dated back since the beginning of time. Kings have worshipped Gold, and Pyramids have buried their Ancient Gems and Curses under the Stars. There's so much to discover about Metals, so many types of Golds, like Black Hills Gold, Fool's Gold, Green Gold, Rose Gold and Gold-Plated Gold. People just can't get enough of the precious metals. Jewelers love to create new designs in Gold and Silver, things like: Bracelets, Rings, Pendants and even Gold Crowns!

Are there such things as Gold Scams? Certainly! You'll find wrong Karat Stampings, Gold testing less than 10kt, and of course you'll find Fake Gold selling for the real thing. Not to mention all the Gold Plated, Gold Filled and Gold Overlay Jewelry everywhere, it's easy for anyone to get confused. Just because it's marked 14kt Gold, doesn't mean it is! I try to open peoples' eyes to the truth, lies, and Fraud about Gold, Silver and other precious Metals. Learn things like: Why your White Gold looks Yellow! and Copper Healing Effects. Plus these topics: The Price of Platinum, and Are you Allergic to Gold?

Some examples of up-coming articles are:

So you see, I have lots of digging to do. Digging up new stories and experiences to tell you. Enjoy the list of the detailed articles I have to date. If you have any questions or any concerns or comments, or just have some interesting topics you'd like to see here, contact me at the bottom of the page. I hope you enjoy the articles on Metal, Gold, Silver, and Platinum, and I hope you come back for more! See you at the Jewelry Store!

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Allergies to Jewelry!
White Gold Tarnishes!
Expensive Platinum!

Gold Alloy Content? Silver Tarnishes! Rhodium Plate Yellow Gold!

The Mohs Scale! Gold Plated Watches! Scratched Platinum Ring!

Men's Jewelry! Stretch a Ring! Magnetic Therapy!

Healing Copper Bracelets! Sell your Gold! The Best Wedding Band for Him!

Gold Hoops! Fake Tiffany Rings! Gold Bad for Jewelry!

Don't Polish Jewelry! Wearing Different Colors of Metals! Fake Gold!

Titanium Rings! Polish White Gold? Jewelers that Buy Gold!

Two-Tone Plated Jewelry! Gram Pennyweight Conversion Chart! Tungsten Carbide!

Yellow Gold Coming Back? Helzberg Gold Buying Program! 10K Versus 14K!

Which 14k Gold Costs More? Metals Mohs Scale of Hardness! Marks Stamped Inside Rings Mean?

Why does Gold wear down? History of White Gold! White Metal Differences!

Rockwell vs Mohs Scale of Hardness! Gold Versus Platinum Prices! Cheap Blue Steel Rings!

Hypoallergenic Jewelry! The Colors of Gold! Where to Sell Your Gold!

Gold Acid Testers!

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