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Average Ring Sizes!
Jewelry Stamp Marks can be Wrong!
Gold wears down?
Metalsmith Schools!
Gemology Schools!
Jewelry Sonic Cleaners!



How The Wrong Prong Can Damage Your Diamond!
Protect Your Diamond With The Right Type Of Prong!
Most people never even think about prongs... Until it's too late! But you should! Prongs are the tiny metal fingers that wrap up and over your Diamond and hold it securely in place. Normally a Diamond Ring will have a 4-Prong or 6-Prong head that the Diamond sits in. With a Round Diamond, there really are no issues with Prongs, other than making sure they're spaced evenly apart... Read more...

What's The Average Mens And Ladies Ring Sizes?
Averages & Popularity Of Mens & Ladies Jewelry, Rings & Diamonds!
When people shop, they always want to know what other people buy. They're always curious on what the averages and popular styles, shapes, and sizes are. I'm frequently asked: "How much do most people spend?" "What's the most common Diamond Color?" "What's the most popular Engagement Ring Carat Weight?" "What's the average Ladies Ring Size?" If you're looking... Read more...

Is Your Jewelry Store Slamming The Competition?
Don't Fall For Ill-Sales Tactics Like Slamming The Competitor!
How many times have you gone into a store and had the salesperson bash the competitor? You could be talking about the latest 3-D TV and suddenly the salesperson starts talking about the competitor down the street and how their policies suck. "Oh, you don't want to shop there. They sell JUNK!" To me, this type of sales is a huge red flag that tells me to get out, leave and... Read more...

Why The Stamp Mark On Your Jewelry Can Be Wrong!
Why You Should Always Acid Test Your Gold Before You Buy It!
A guy comes into the store to sell his 14k Gold Chain. He says he bought it from a friend of his and paid quite a lot of money for it. We run an acid test on the chain (as we always do) to authenticate the Karat Content of the piece. It's NOT 14k! It's 10k instead! We tell the guy this, along with our offer. He says "No way is it 10k Gold. It's stamped 14k right on the clasp!" We have to explain... Read more...

Why Does Gold Wear Down?
What Makes Gold Weak, Scratch, Brittle, Dent And Wear Down?
Gold (10k, 14k, 18k) is the most popular choice of metal for all types of Jewelry: Rings, Bracelets, Chains, Earrings, Pendants... But sadly... Gold wears down! The thing that makes Gold so awesome to work with is it's softness, or malleability. Jewelers can create wonderful pieces of Jewelry easily and artistically. Gold is so malleable, it can be rolled into very thin wires and stretched... Read more...

The Best Schools for Metalsmiths And Jewelers!
Top Jeweler/Metalsmith Schools And Colleges In The USA!
While nobody knows for sure the exact date that people began metalsmithing, it's been referenced that men were working with brass and iron as early as the BC period. Based on archeologist's findings, many metalsmithing methods developed sometime in the Iron age, or between the years 1200 and 555 BC. These professionals discovered various statues, constructed... Read more...

Education And Training For Gemologists!
Become A Gemologist With Training From The Best Gemology Schools!
While basic gemology training has its earliest origins in the early 19th century, the National Association of Goldsmiths set the first qualifications for gemologists in the year 1908 with the start-up of their Gemmological Committee in Great Britain. After some time, this early Committee re-named itself the Gemmological Association of Great Britian; and, today, it is a prestigious... Read more...

Jewelry Cleaners - Do they Work? How much do they Cost?
Jewelry Ultrasonic Cleaners, Reviews, Tests, Secrets, Videos and more...!
I hear people say all the time "Why Don't My Rings Get Clean Like They Do At A Jewelry Store?" There are many reasons for this, and over the years I've written many articles about the subject. Cleaning your Diamonds, Gemstones and Jewelry isn't difficult once you know how to do it. And YES, you can get them just as clean as the Jewelers can. It's surprisingly simple... Read more...

How To Unsolder Your Wedding Rings Or Set!
8 Reasons Why Jewelers Have To Unsolder Rings Or Wedding Sets!
To find out why one would unsolder their Wedding Rings, we should take a second to learn what Soldered Rings are... What is Soldering? Soldering is basically fusing two rings together, usually the Engagement Ring and the Wedding Band. Heated Solder from a Jeweler's Torch melts and flows in between your rings at the bottom of the shank (see image). This welds.... Read more...

Is Your Brand New Ring Worn And Used?
Not All New Rings Are Really New, Find Out How To Spot Them!
Here's something very few people know: Not all rings in the Jeweler's Showcases are NEW! Used, Worn, or Pre-Owned Rings are sold everyday and people never realize it. Shocking? You bet! Why does this happen? For a variety of reasons: 1) The Ring was a Customer Return. 2) The Ring was a Trade-In or Exchange. 3) The Ring was Pawned or Sold to the Jeweler. 4) The Ring was.... Read more...

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