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20 Jewelry Buying Tips And Tricks

Here are the top 20 things that will help guys in their jewelry ventures.

The ultimate jewelry buying guide for men… Or whoever needs some extra tips and tricks to picking out the right jewelry for her.

Whether it’s purchasing rings, bracelets, earrings, watches, anklets, gemstones or diamonds, here we go…

20 jewelry tips for men:

  1. Surprise her
  2. Think romance
  3. Buy diamonds
  4. Know her favorite color
  5. Know her preferred metal
  6. Buy matching items
  7. Hot trends
  8. Buy fun add-ons
  9. Personalize it
  10. Buy real gold, not plated
  11. Buy genuine gemstones, not synthetic
  12. Buy jewelry on trips and vacations
  13. Skip the inclusions
  14. Nothing cheesy or girly
  15. Nothing heavy or masculine
  16. Nothing frail or breakable
  17. Buy practical items
  18. Know her ring size
  19. Buy a service plan
  20. Return policy

So let’s take a closer look…

A more detailed look at the 20 tips and tricks:

1) Surprise her

Nothing says I love you better than a surprise gift from a jewelry store. If you want to light up her face and get the biggest smile you’ll ever get, then surprise her with a ring box. It works every time.

2) Think romance

Spice it up. If you’re going to buy her a gift, then put some romance in it. Jewelry like the bolo bracelet works wonders. A journey diamond pendant (her journey through life in diamonds). But don’t stop there… Make sure you get the package gift wrapped with a beautiful bow or ribbon on top. Then take her out to eat at a fancy restaurant and present it to her with the dessert tray. Sell the sizzle. If you make it romantic and special, she’ll remember it forever (a sunset walk on the beach doesn’t hurt either).

3) Buy diamonds

Diamonds are king. You can’t go wrong with diamonds. Diamond studs, diamond pendants, a diamond tennis bracelet, anything with diamonds is ideal. Diamonds stand for the endurance of love. And if you buy big diamonds, well, that is a whole lot of love.

4) Know her favorite color

Buying her a gemstone color that she doesn’t like is not good. It shows that you don’t pay attention to her. It shows you don’t know what colors she wears or likes. So take the time to look at her rings and pendants that she wears now and see what colors are in them. Does she wear purple? Pink? A sharp eye will keep her from sneering at that lime green stone.

And what about birthstones colors?

Chances are good, that if you purchase her birthstone color, she will like it. Most women grow a fondness for their birthstone. It’s pretty much a safe haven for gemstone colors (read: What are the birthstone colors?)

And if all else fails with her Favorite color, then buy her something different. Buy her a new and exotic gemstone that she doesn’t have. Something like tanzanite or kunzite, or the brand new morganite.

Or you can always try something colorful like buying her a multi-colored rainbow sapphire bracelet (see an awesome rainbow sapphire bracelet here.). Multi-color can be worn with any color or outfit.

5) Know her preferred metal

What color of metal does she wear? White, yellow, rose gold? Does she wear silver, titanium, platinum, white gold, yellow gold, palladium, tungsten, steel? If she owns a lot of one particular metal, odds are, it’s a pretty good metal to buy. That way she can wear them all together and they’ll look good.

6) Buy matching items

Did you get her an amethyst pendant last year? How about amethyst earrings that match it? Did you buy her a diamond pendant for her birthday? How about a tennis bracelet that matches it? If she doesn’t have anything to match it with, then start something. Buy her a set of earrings with a matching pendant. Women are always trying to match colors with their clothing and shoes and purse. Giving her fun sets to wear that can really make her wardrobe complete.

7) Hot trends

Women are all into fashion. Find out what’s hot this season. Is it chocolate colored pearls? How about a circle diamond pendant? Last year it was the journey diamond pendant… The year before that chandelier earrings. Ask what’s hot at the jewelry store. Or just see what jewelers are advertising in the magazines, newspapers and online. The 3 diamond past-present-future diamond ring is always a sure winner any time of the year. This year, it’s the love knot ring.

8) Buy fun add-ons

Gifts that can be added to are great ideas and kids love them too. For example: The Pandora bracelet is an inexpensive charm bracelet that she will love. Every holiday or special occasion, you can buy her more charms to add to it and fill it up with. You can also buy her add-a-pearl necklaces or add-a-diamond bracelets. That way, the next time you need to buy her a gift, you’ll already know what you can get her. It’s simple and smart.

9) Personalize it

Women love personalization. It shows you went out of the way to buy her something special and meaningful. How about a mother’s ring with her kids names engraved on it? How about an initial ring with her initials? How about a diamond pendant with her name in fancy letters? You could engrave a special message inside the ring. You could engrave love notes on the back of a watch (read: engraving ideas) Buy her a charm bracelet with charm letters. Make it personal and you’ll make it magical as well.

Moving up the list is gold, not plated gold…

10) Buy real, not plated

Nothing screams cheap and tacky more than fake jewelry, gold filled jewelry, or gold plated jewelry.

Get the real stuff.

Plus, lots of women are allergic to gold plated costume jewelry. If you don’t want her to break out in a rash from your cheap gift, then buy her 14kt yellow or white gold. And if your pocket book affords it, buy her platinum. Platinum rocks.

11) Buy genuine gemstones, not synthetic

Synthetic stones always tend to look like cheap, fake, and glassy knock-offs that just don’t cut it. Synthetic stones can dull up quickly and chip or break easily. Keep in mind, they do make stones called created gemstones. Created gems look closer to the real thing than synthetics do, and they don’t cost as much as the real thing. But the bottom line is… They’re not the real thing. I would only advise buying created stones if you can’t find the real ones. If she owns some created stones or synthetic already, that may be because you haven’t bought her the real stuff yet.

12) Buy jewelry on vacations and trips

You want to make a lasting impression? Want her to remember that trip to Hawaii, Vegas or that cruise ship voyage you took to Alaska? Then buy her vacation jewelry on that getaway. Get her a dolphin ring or a palm tree pendant or a pair of diamond studded dice earrings. Shell necklaces work well, oyster pearls from China, a statue of liberty brooch… Something. Anything! Take her shopping at the jewelry stores there. Get her something to seal that wonderful moment in time.

13) Skip the inclusions

Get out a 10x jeweler’s loupe and take a closer look at everything you buy. Look at the gems and the diamonds. Do they have big, fat inclusions and imperfections in them? Are they visible to the naked eye? Are there cracks or chips in the stones or mounting? Buying her stones full of inclusions is a good way to get a boot in the butt. It basically says you didn’t care enough to buy her good quality. Microscope the gems and diamonds and skip the inclusions.

14) Nothing cheesy or girly

If you buy her a little Betty Boop necklace or Mickey Mouse pendant, then it better fit her personality. A lot of women won’t wear little girly or cheesy things. Big, grown up girls want diamonds. Remember that.

15) Nothing too heavy or masculine

Some women are bigger boned and don’t mind wearing bigger pieces of jewelry. But most women like rings and pendants that are delicate, but durable. Pretty, not gaudy. And definitely don’t buy her one of those hefty 3-finger knuckle pimp rings (unless you want a knuckle sandwich).

16) Nothing frail or breakable

Women’s pendants come with horrible, thin chains that break really, really fast. They’re frail and dainty and won’t last 2 seconds. Watch the frail jewelry. If it’s really thin and it breaks next week, she could lose her diamond. Then she’d be really sad. You’d be out buying her a new diamond on a new, heavier chain. So do it now and don’t sweat it. Upgrade those chains to heavier chains, like box chains or wheat chains (my favorite chain), that won’t break easily. It’ll look better and last longer. Plus it’ll save you money in the long run.

17) Practical Items

Buy her things she can use. Diamond stud earrings are always a sure bet. Women can wear these everyday, day in and day out. How about a smartwatch? Watches are very practical time pieces. And then of course, you have diamonds… You can’t get any more practical than diamonds. Diamonds last forever and can be worn with anything and everything.

18) Know her ring size

Buying her a ring that already fits shows you took the time to get it right. But this is a very tricky thing to master. Normally it doesn’t pan out. Ring sizes will vary from finger to finger and hand to hand. And the type of ring you buy can change the way it feels. A wide ring will have to be a larger size than a smaller ring, because it takes up more room on the finger.

The same goes for chains, pendants and bracelets. The thicker and heavier the mounting or jewelry, the longer the piece will have to be. If you don’t know the exact size she’ll wear, then my best advice is, to not get it sized at all. In other words, don’t guess. Get her the default ring size and let her get it sized and fitted later (plus, first sizings are usually always free).

19) Buy a service plan

A service plan (usually called an E.S.P. – short for extended service plan), is a plan you can purchase to cover your jewelry. Most jewelry stores offer some sort of plan on their merchandise. They cover just about any and all types of repairs imagined. Trust me, you’ll need this. It covers things like: sizings, resizings, solderings, stone tightenings, new prongs, polishings, cleanings, new heads, and much more (coverage will vary from store to store.) Extended service plans are cheap when compared to the costs involved with high priced jewelry repairs. I greatly recommend them (read: Should you buy an extended service plan?)

20) Make sure they have a return policy

You know… Just in case. With women and jewelry, there is no exact plan of action. You just never, ever know.

So there you go, 20 tips and tricks for guys buying jewelry for women.

And when in doubt, just buy her diamonds.

Diamonds are the common cure for everything.

Cheers! :)

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    Surprise is the best thing which every women likes. So that is the good option.

  2. Great post with lots of knowledge.

  3. I like how you mentioned that there’s nothing better that says I love you than a surprising gift from the jewelers. My anniversary is coming up and I’m thinking about buying a diamond pendant for my wife because she likes keeping a picture of our family around her neck all the time. It seems like a good idea to go to a reputable jeweler who could help me find a nice and durable piece for our special day.

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