The Best Chain To Buy



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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The Best Chains to Ever Buy
Be Prepare To Buy Diamonds

“Be Prepared!”

I can’t stress this enough, if you’re out Shopping and looking for a Diamond (Especially a Loose Diamond or a Diamond Engagement Ring), then you Owe it to yourself to Be Prepared Ahead of Time.

Don’t Walk into the Jewelry Store Empty Headed. Don’t Expect the people behind the Counter to Teach you Everything you need to know about Diamonds so you can make an Informed Purchase.

It’s Not Going to Happen!

You’ll never be able to tell if the Salesperson knows what they’re really talking about. You won’t know if they’re just telling you what you want to Hear in Order to make a Sale. “Oh this Diamond is a Really Good Diamond, Trust me!

You’ll have No Idea!

All to often Customers get Mislead and don’t even know it. You’re putting your Entire Faith and Trust with a Clerk you’ve never met before. Not Good! This Person may know Very Little about Diamonds themselves. Many Salespeople have just a Basic Knowledge and Sell by Romance only “It really is Beautiful, look at how it Sparkles, she will Love to Wear this Ring”…

You could easily be Fooled and no one is to Blame but YOU. Stores could Sell you a Crappy Diamond Full of Inclusions, with a Poor Cut and a Poor Color… All because you didn’t do your Homework.

So Do Your Homework

Don’t let yourself get Ripped off. This is Not a Purchase you want to Screw up. She’s gonna have to Wear that Diamond for the Rest of her Life!

Before you Walk into the Jewelry Store, you need to get yourself a little Training and Education so you know if what they’re Telling you is the Truth.

You have no Choice!

Study up! Learn the 4 C’s, have some Core Knowledge before you Walk in that Door. Otherwise, they could tell you anything and you would believe them. This happens all the time, and it’s not Pretty!

What do I Recommend?

I recommend my Diamond Crash Course!

I wrote this Diamond Training Guide just for people like you who want to Learn the Basics, Understand Diamonds, Learn about Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight and not be Overwhelmed by Technical Jargon. You’ll learn how to Shop, what Questions to Ask the Jeweler and even Exactly what Diamonds to Buy.

My Book really is an Excellent Tool and it will give you the Confidence you need to look at Diamonds and talk about Diamonds with the Sales Representative.

It’s a Strong, Solid Foundation that’s Worth Every Single Penny!

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge really is Powerful. You’ll Learn what to look for, How to Scope a Diamond, what it all means and even What Size of Diamond to Buy.

Purchasing a Diamond can be a very intimidating experience, but that’s only because you’re not prepared.

After reading my 130 Page Book, you’ll never look at Diamonds the same way. It will open your Eyes and you’ll want to Learn more about them, Scope them, see how Diamonds are Graded, Certified and Sold.

Diamonds are a Fascinating World!

I have total Faith that after Reading my Book, you’ll know enough about Diamonds (in down to Earth language), that you could walk into any Jewelry Store and say:

“I want to see a 3/4 Carat Brilliant Cut Diamond, GIA Certified, Excellent Make, VS Clarity, E Color, with No Fluorescence Please!” (Like these Diamonds HERE!)

Now that my Friends, is being Prepared!

You may have Cold Feet about Buying an Engagement Ring, but you won’t get that Cold Stare…

If you go in with a little Knowledge (which also gives you Confidence), you’ll end up with a Great Looking Diamond at the Best Possible Price! And that Scenario, is truly Priceless!

If you’re Buying a Diamond, you could certainly look through and read 4 Years Worth of my Posts on Jewelry Secrets here, you could Move around the Entire Website and Hope that you’ll Read everything you need to know…

Or you could just Buy my Guide Diamond Crash Course (As well as my New Book: 101 Ways to Save Money on Diamonds). It puts Learning about Diamonds in Order from Start to Finish. It really is the Easiest and Simplest way to Learn about Diamonds. No Long Drawn out Technical BS… It’s just Plain, Simple, Easy to Understand Language, just like I was here in Front of you, Teaching you and Training you. It really is that good!

You Simply Cannot Afford to Pass it up!

If you’re Buying a Diamond, YOU NEED THIS BOOK!

Spending a little Cash on a Quick Guide before you Spend Thousands on a Diamond is Crucial!

It could literally Save you Hundreds and Thousands of Dollars. Not to mention all the Time and Effort and Confusing Information out there.

Learn NOW, Be Prepared TODAY, and Be Prepared to Buy a Great Looking Diamond TOMORROW!

You’ve got nothing to Lose!

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You can also Buy the Diamond Crash Course Package Deal, it includes the following:

  1. Diamond Crash Course Book – PDF File Download
  2. 10x Metal Jeweler’s Loupe
  3. Diamond Polishing Cloth
  4. 4 C’s Diamond Grading Chart, Printable PDF – File Download
  5. Pocket Sized Diamond 4 C’s Grading Chart
  6. Plastic Ring Sizer
  7. Diamond Buying Checklist – PDF File Download

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What are you Waiting for?

Get your Copy Today!

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