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Don't Get Engaged On Christmas Holidays Or Birthdays

You would be surprised how many guys Propose on a Holiday (like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Sweetest Day), or her Birthday.

In fact, Christmas is the #1 Holiday where most guys propose and say (on one knee) “Will you marry me?

So what’s wrong with getting Engaged on Christmas, or any Holiday, or Occasion for that matter?


Let’s begin…

Don't Get Engaged on Christmas, a Holiday, or Her Birthday!

1) It’s a “Special” Day!

Getting engaged is something that she’s wanted to do her entire life. It’s a special event that deserves it’s own day. If you combined it with her Birthday, or Christmas, or any Holiday, it takes away from the Engagement itself. It makes it less important…

Hi Jamie, What did you get for Christmas?

“Oh, some Fuzzy Pink Socks, a Hair Dryer, some Hello Kitty Stickers, an iPhone Charger, and an Engagement Ring!”

See what I mean?

Plus, the Holidays or Christmas is everybody’s day. If you turn it into an “I Got Engaged Day” then you’re stealing attention from everyone else. It will take the focus and fun of everyone getting gifts (like your nieces brand-new car), and turns it into YOU! So share the day and let everyone enjoy it.

Save Christmas for Christmas, and an Engagement Ring for Engagement Day!!!

2) It’s a Cop Out!

Let’s say you buy her a Big Beautiful Diamond for her Birthday… And nothing else.

Even if you spent $8,000 for the most perfect One Carat Diamond, the fact of the matter is, she still won’t feel like you got her anything for her Birthday.

That’s because “The Ring” is not an official Birthday Gift. That’s something you wanted to give her anyway… So it’ll feel like a cop out! It’ll feel like you bought her that instead of a other presents… “Since I spent so much money on you, I don’t need to buy you anything else!!!

You may think it’ll make her Birthday or Holiday MORE special, but it really just says “I’ll give you this combo present and save money at the same time!”

3) It could be Embarrassing!

So you decide to give her an Engagement Ring as a Birthday Gift or a Christmas Gift with all of her friends and family present. You expect there to be great Joy and Celebration and Laughter and Love.

You believe that with everyone watching it will be very emotional for her and beautifully romantic under the lights of the Christmas tree.

And it might…

But it also might backfire!

What happens if she says “NO!

Did you ever think about that?

If she says no and rejects you running out of the room crying, it could be an extremely embarrassing and awkward situation, and even quite humiliating for all eyes to see… (and gossip and Tweet about later).

So are you positive she’ll say “YES“?

Are you ready for the outcome anyway it goes?

Maybe a Holiday isn’t the best day after all, because…

4) It could Ruin the Season FOREVER!

That’s right!

If she says no and is embarrassed or rejects you, then you both will have a crappy day!

It could even end your relationship, and it could leave a horrible stain on such a special day.

Years down the road, when that special day is coming closer, you might start to dread it. Hate it! It could leave a sore spot on your heart that never goes away. Your Christmas time joy from here until eternity could be ruined! All because of rejection!

So don’t “accidentally” spoil the Holidays for you, or anyone else. Separate the days, and you won’t ever associate these two very different events!


5) It’s hers to KEEP!

If you give her a Diamond Engagement Ring on a Special Holiday, Christmas time, or her Birthday, do note that this presentation will be considered a “GIFT“. A gift that is hers to keep forever and ever… Regardless if you break up or not.

If it’s a gift, it’s hers, and you can never take it back!!!


So your Engagement may only last two months, but that $8,000 that you’re still paying for (with Interest) will last much, much longer! Ouch!

All the more reason to give her an Engagement Ring on its own Special Day! That way, there is no mistaking that this is an Engagement Ring and NOT a Birthday Present! So if it ever goes South, YOU can, and should, get the Ring back, as you both go your own separate ways.

Just as it should be, if it isn’t meant to be.

That way, she can keep those Fuzzy Pink Socks… Because darn it, that “Gift” is something you don’t want back!


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  1. LMAO if some gold-digger wants an $8000 ring or throws a tantrum because her birthday was involved, she can be alone and single with her greed.

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