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The Best Little Jewelry Cleaner

I am a big fan of clean Jewelry!

In fact, I clean mine at least once a week, and I advise you to do the same.

Cleaning Jewelry keeps them not only looking brand new, it makes your Diamonds and Gems sparkle like crazy, but it also prevents your Jewelry and Prongs from wearing down due to debris and dirt.

Really it does!

There is no reason to NOT clean your Jewelry!

Especially since it takes just about 3 minutes a week!

You do have 3 minutes don’t you? :)

One reason why some people don’t like to clean their own Jewelry… The time and energy it takes to pull out the big Ultrasonic Cleaner, fill it up with the cleaning solution, put your Jewelry in, turn it on and wait…

Time consuming, right?

HA! Well there is an easier way…

The way I do it!

You see, I have one of those big Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners (sold cheaply on Amazon), but I also have and use a little Jewelry Cleaner most of the time (oh who am I kidding, ALL of the time)!

That’s because it’s so simple and easy to use!

I pull the little hand-held cleaner out. Dump a dab of Mr. Clean (lemon scented) into the bottom of it. Let the faucet run until the water gets HOT (HOT HOT water is the key to clean Jewelry), fill it up, dump my Rings and Earrings into the mix, and flip the ON button.

3 Minutes later (I set my iPhone Timer), I pull them out, softly scrub them off with the brush that comes with the unit. Rinse them under hot water (don’t let them go down the drain), and voila! Perfectly Clean Jewelry!

It works like a charm!

So get yours today! It’s Cheap and Effective! (and it makes a great Christmas Gift!)


Connoisseurs Sonic Jewelry Bath

Trust me, you’ll never have Dirty Jewelry again! :)

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  1. Got one ~ love it! And Mr Clean and HOT water makes the best jewelry cleaner ~ I have been using it for ages, to the horror followed by the delight of several less jewelry-savvy female relatives! My jewelry is always polished and sparkling, and I get complemented on it frequently. I would no more wear dirty, dull, lifeless looking jewelry then I would dirty clothes! Of course, growing up with a jeweler for a grandfather probably didn’t hurt a bit. Neither does my natural eye for beautiful sparkling things!
    I keep a large container of paste-type jewelry polish (that I keep smaller quantities in a small jar to keep the large container from being exposed to air too often) which works beautifully at removing dulling tarnish from all my jewelry metals, as well as a rouge polishing cloth. After rubbing the metals with a soft cloth and a small smear of the paste, they get briefly rinsed in hot water and dropped in the hot cleaning solution. A few minutes later, everything gets drained and rinsed in a small tea strainer lined with paper towel folded up to prevent scratching any of the pieces. After drying with a soft cloth, and my blow dryer on cool and low, the rouge cloth gets used for a final touch up. Everything gets examined under a magnifier, or my loupe, and basically looks like new.
    Yes, it takes a little longer than three minutes, but I don’t do it more than once a month, since I use the quick method you describe weekly, and usually in the evening while watching the TV. I’ve done it so often, most of it is almost automatic. I use the more intensive method when I have been been asked to clean a relative’s jewelry pieces, and it has never failed to get rave reviews! Especially on well-worn and abused wedding rings. Even the guys are impressed when I can get a hold of their rings, and when viewing their wife’s wedding rings when done. The ones who hesitate when I talk about very hot water and Mr Clean on their precious diamonds, but after reminding them of the forces in which the diamonds were formed, retrieved from the ground and turned into jewelry, and then do my own rings first to show them, I always win them over.

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