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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Jewelry Features And Benefits

Let me ask you this: Is your jewelry store selling you features?

Or are they selling you features and benefits?

What is a benefit?

It’s a good question that many people do not know. It all boils down to what a feature is, and that gives you the benefit.

Let me give you an example:

The salesperson says:

This chain has a lobster claw clasp” (see picture).

Um. Okay.” So it has a clasp. Who cares? Telling us this doesn’t really say much does it? Who needs a feature like that? Clasps are boring…

But, if the salesperson were to continue and say…

The lobster claw clasp is the safest clasp to own. It’s the most durable of all the clasps. It’s heavy, it’s solid, it’s soldered onto the chain so it won’t come open. You won’t have to worry about it coming loose, breaking or falling off your neck.”


Well then.

That my friends is the benefit (and what a great benefit it is). Without the benefit, that clasp is pretty useless.

Did you happen to notice that the salesperson snuck in one more feature and benefit? “It’s soldered onto the chain” = “So it won’t come open.” Very good!

How about this one:

You can purchase an extended service plan with this ring. Would you like that?

“Um No! Probably not.

It may be a feature they offer, but here’s what I want to know…

“What’s in it for me?”

That’s what people really want to know. How will this extended service plan benefit me? Why should I buy it?

“The extended service plan (E.S.P.) covers the mounting for a lifetime. It covers retipping your prongs when they wear down… Resizing your ring if you need it sized up or down… Soldering your wedding ring and engagement ring together… Reshaping your rings if you happen to bend them… Polishing, cleaning, tightening stones… All for free!

“WOW!” Now that’s some benefit!

I think I’m sold!

You see, lots of stores offer many features to their jewelry. But few tell you what they are or why it should matter to you.

Good salespeople will know how to sell features and benefits. They know benefits help people make buying decisions. It ups the value of the merchandise and helps justify the price of the goods.

Benefits are a great thing.

This bracelet has a figure eight clasp.


“The figure eight clasp is actually a safety device that tightly locks in place after you clasp your bracelet together. It prevents it from coming open. It’s like double protection. You won’t lose your bracelet. It won’t fall off your arm.”

Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” See what I’m saying? Now I understand what a figure eight clasp is, I think I want one of those.

“This marquise diamond has v-tipped prongs.”

Yeah, and….

“V-tipped prongs help protect the most vulnerable part of the diamond, the tips. Plus, it also helps define and accentuate that lovely long pointed diamond shape that the marquise is known for.”

It all comes down to training.

You see, you can tell a lot about a salesperson and the jewelry store just by listening. You can tell if the salesperson knows what they are talking about and if they know what their product is.

Good salespeople are usually trained and educated in selling and sell using features and benefits. People like this know about selling, they know about jewelry, diamonds and gemstones. They not only tell you, teach you, but show you why this item will benefit you.

It’s priceless information.

Features and benefits show you what a jewelry store is made of. Are the people really sincere in helping you?

“This diamond has F color.”

??? And your point is?

“F color is in the best color range there is for diamonds. It’s a pure white diamond which is very rare in nature and is actually colorless. Colorless means there is no color whatsoever in the stone. It’s void of any yellow hue. A pure white color really helps to add brightness, whiteness and beauty to the diamond. Here, let me show you…”

These are the types of features and benefits that really matter. Plus, if the salesperson is taking the initiative and wanting to show you and teach you about quality and diamonds, then you may have found yourself a winner.

I’m just a clerk…

Poor salespeople (I call them clerks) don’t try, don’t teach and don’t care…

Don’t buy it from them.

Good salespeople go out of their way to be friendly, sincere and helpful. They want you to understand their product and why it’s important that you should buy it from them. These people are a joy to deal with. They make shopping fun. And that’s a huge benefit to us all.

So, what does your jeweler sell?

Features? Benefits?

Or both?

Cheers! :)

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