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Trilliant Trillion Triangular Cut Diamonds

Trilliant cut diamonds used to be all the rage.

They were so popular in the 90’s. It seemed like every woman out there had to have a trilliant cut diamond (also called trillion cuts).

They sold like hot cakes

We couldn’t even keep them in stock.

We’re looking for trilliant cuts.

It was crazy.

And then suddenly trilliant cuts disappeared.

Now those fancy cuts are seldom seen or heard of. You’ll be doing good to even find one in jewelry stores today.

So here’s my question:

What happened to the trilliant cut?

Trilliant cut diamonds are fancy cuts of diamond in the shape of a triangle. The sides are even (width and height the same) and they usually have about 50 facets on them, versus the round’s 58 facets.

Some confusion does come with the names trilliant and trillion. They both seem to be interchangeable nowadays. It doesn’t help the fact that there are different cutting styles to these triangular shaped diamonds either. Some have straight flat sides with very pointy tips, and others have rounded sides with smooth rounded corners (see picture of rounded sides).

Personally I prefer the rounded edges the best. The curves seem to give it a much softer subtle appearance which I find more attractive.

To me, trilliant cuts look stunning.

But they do have a couple of downfalls…

Things that may have led to its demise.

Triangular downfalls:

1) The triangle shape made it difficult to set into mountings. Special settings had to be made to hold and enhance those unique shapes and points (but isn’t that the case with all fancy cuts?)

2) The points were very sharp and dangerous. Not only was it harmful to men (the sharp edges were like an accidental weapon), but it also made it tough for jewelers to set it into heads and prongs without chipping or breaking off the points.

It wasn’t a great combo.


Trilliants (with rounded corners) are more protected and safe, but you still have those sharp v-tipped prongs on them that you had to watch out for (see picture of v-tips). Granted you could get regular prongs to hold in your triangle cut, but I don’t recommend them. Regular prongs are not good for protecting those delicate tips. Plus, v-tips help accentuate the triangle diamond and give it that very distinct triangular appearance.

Triangular shaped diamonds are great looking stones. Even a small carat weight looks large and massive because the cut is flat and wide. Their sparkle and brilliance is great as well. And if you set them into a wide 14kt yellow gold mounting with channel set diamonds (my favorite for these types of cuts) then it really looks like a million bucks. I love them!

Now I don’t know if the trilliant cuts (one guy said they were named “trillion” because they cost a trillion dollars!) or trillion cuts will ever come back into style, but I’m hoping they do.

Every now and then I see them pop up in the jeweler’s showcases, but it’s rare. Nothing like it used to be. Is there no love for the triangle?

Love triangle?

Triangular cuts tend to be more popular shapes for gemstones today.

With the right carat weight (of course 1.00 carat) and the right mounting (custom design something awesome and unique) you’ll have a wonderful showpiece that will get lots of attention and envy.

I say go for it.

Bring the trilliants and trillions back (even if they do rip your pantyhose).

The triangle is sleek, beautiful and elegant. All it needs is a little TLC.

And v-tips.

Get v-tipped prongs if you can. They help protect those vulnerable points.

Then all you’ll have to worry about is what to do with the rest of your trillion dollars?

Maybe buy a matching set of earrings and pendant per chance?

Why not?

After all, it may be coming back in style

Cheers! :)

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  1. I have a trilliant cut diamond ring. I think it’s beautiful. It’s a certified 1.17 carat center stone, but it looks like it’s 2 carats. It’s a head turner and has that WOW factor. I always get compliments for it. I love this diamond.

  2. I love the trillion cut diamond it’my favorite. I had a one carat soldered in a baguette setting. I ended up divorced, and when I lost my grand daughter Tessa, I had the trillion cut diamond set in the letter A of her name, the gold formed all of the letters. I also had angel wings made that were put on the letter T. The chain is made of gold and silver mixed and is called the Rosario. This is was really kind of funny, I have a brother whose name is Rosario, we call him Ross for short. I feel it was meant to be.

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