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When Should you Solder Your Wedding Rings Together?

This is always a Big Concern for Brides-To-Be.

When is the best time to Solder your Engagement Ring to your Wedding Ring?

Should you Solder them together Before or After the Wedding?

Why such a Dilemma?

Because Brides don’t want to be Fussing around at the Alter trying to Hook their Rings together.

Whether it be Rings that Fit Flush, Rings that have little Hooks, Rings that Intertwine, it’s all a big issue.

So When do you have your Rings Soldered?

Before the Wedding!

Actually the Week BEFORE the Wedding!

Take your Engagement and Wedding Rings into your local Jeweler to have them Fitted and Soldered together. (Make sure they can get them done in time! – You may need to do it TWO Weeks in Advance!) The Biggest Reason for doing that is so they can Size it and Finish. Why Size it?

Why Size the Ring?

There’s a very Good Chance that by Soldering the Wedding Band to the Engagement Ring, the Rings will Fit Snugger! Normally you’ll also have to have them Sized up 1/4 size more. Most people don’t Realize this and then the Rings are too Snug and Cuts off your Circulation.

Finish Matters!

Second comes the Finish. You’ve been Wearing your Engagement Ring for some time. It shows Signs of Wear and Tear. Scratches, Marks, the Finish will be Dull and Worn. So if you don’t take it in to have it Polished up and Cleaned, when you have your Wedding Pictures taken and they do that lovely close-up of your hands and Rings, they won’t match or look good!

Your Wedding Band will be Bright and Shiny and NEW and the Engagement Ring will be Worn and Scratched. Not good! When the Jeweler Solders your Rings together, they’ll Polish them up and Clean them at the same time so they look like they belong together!

Plus having them Soldered together will make it Easier at the Alter to Slip the Rings on her Finger! You won’t have to worry about Hooking them together or being Backwards. (Because the Wedding Band actually goes on FIRSTClosest to the Heart!)

And once she’s Married, trust me guys, she won’t want to ever take her rings off again.

So Soldering them together now, Saves her the Wedding Day Blues!

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  1. I definitely agree. I got mine done abt 2 days b4 the wedding. I didn’t have to do it far in advancevery bcz I had mine done at Jared. I just couldn’t imagine trying to keep up with two rings on our honeymoon or dealing with 2 rings spinning. It doesn’t spin much now

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