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10 Carats Of Pure Diamond Perfections GIA Certified


Okay, nothings really PERFECT in nature, is it?

And even though there are some standards for “perfection” in the diamond world, it’s still not an exact science. Like the carat weight of a diamond can be any carat weight. One stone could be deeper than another. Still one diamond could even have a natural or inclusion inside.

So perfect is used rather lightly

And even though this diamond is not perfect, it comes so close

First off…

The carat weight is OVER 10 Carats, 10.01 to be exact. That’s MASSIVE! Ten times the size of the “dream carat weight” (which is 1.00 carats).

A ten carat diamond is rare. Ultra rare. Almost impossible to locate or come by… especially at this quality. It’s insane!

Now onto the Color…

The color of this diamond: D.

There is nothing better than D. D is the highest diamond color on earth and boy will it look really, really white, bright,stunning, impressive!

The Cut of this Diamond?

Also, as excellent as can be. In fact, it’s excellent in cut, excellent in polish, excellent in symmetry

Triple Excellent

That’s the best of the best, the tip top ratings, a diamond that will WOW you.

Take a peek at this most awesome diamond:

10 Carat Diamond Perfections VS2 D Excellent

It’s Absolutely Breathtaking!

Plus, it’s GIA certified, has ZERO fluorescence, and you can view it at 10x magnification and see what’s inside the diamond BEFORE you buy it!


Up to this point, everything in the diamond, all of the characteristics, are PERFECT.

So is it?


The only thing from perfection…

One small attribute keeps this stone from being totally “perfect“.

And that’s the Clarity

To be “perfect“, the clarity needs to be “flawless“. This diamond is not flawless, it’s graded VS2.

VS2 means it has very small inclusions inside the diamond that are only visible under 10x microscope or jeweler’s loupe. And even with that, you’ll probably only see a couple of very tiny flaws (which I actually like, because you’ll always be able to identify your stone). Just a couple of small imperfections is all…

So you see, it’s ALMOST as perfect as perfect can be.

It’s huge, bright, beautiful, and ideal for someone who has $905,400 laying around.

It’s only Money, eh?

Grab this Diamond TODAY!

(And get a FREE mounting… See product page for details)

Cheers! :)

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