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About Me


Hi! I’m Richard Scott.

I’m certified in both diamonds and gemstones. I love looking at them, talking about them, selling them!

My passion has provided me with an awesome opportunity to work with jewelry, jewelers, diamonds and gemstones for the last 27 years. And I love it.

I’ve worked with large corporations, small mom and pop stores and thriving independent jewelers all across the spectrum. I’ve been in positions anywhere from sales to management and have ENJOYED every minute of it. The experiences that I’ve had are priceless. The lessons I’ve learned are vast.

I’ve learned that most people don’t have a clue to what really goes on behind the jewelry counter. I’m here to show you. With my books, and my website (https://www.jewelry-secrets.com/), I go out of my way to provide honest and sincere information about diamonds, gems and jewelry. I do everything I can to show you what to look for, how to buy diamonds, engagement rings, and how to save money at the same time. My goal is to open people’s eyes so they don’t get scammed or ripped off. If a little knowledge can help one achieve that, then my job is done..

I also have a passion for graphic design and websites. So the combination of all my skills is put to the test here. I write all the content for this website. I photograph all the images. I test and design everything. It’s what I love, it’s what I do. I hope you appreciate it.

If at anytime you have questions, concerns or comments, please, feel free to contact me!

The purpose of my books and site is to educate, teach and help one understand all that they need to in order to purchase jewelry and truly understand what they’re buying. I’m like a friend who tells you what really happens with jewelry, sales, diamonds, discounts and all the goodies in-between.

I try to provide the best information that I can. I research every fact to make sure it’s right, but, as I’ve found out, this can be an impossible feat. Advancements in technology change so fast. So if you ever run across a discrepancy that you feel needs addressed or corrected, let me know. I’m all ears!

Thanks again. Enjoy my books. Enjoy my site. If you want me to write about a given topic or a certain product, let me know as well. P.S. I also do product reviews.

Contact me.


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