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10 Gifts Under 30 Dollars For Jewelry Lovers

Looking for a great gift?

Something for all those jewelry lovers?

Well, I have the answer…

Ten of them.

Ten items that will be perfect for your next gift giving occasion. For everyone loves fun, practical items that make life easy.

So here we go…

10 Great Gift Ideas:

Starting with… (and do note that these were under $30 at the time of this post… Amazon changes prices every minute it seems…

1) Jewelry Ultrasonic Cleaner

This is a must. A cleaner with ultrasonic sound waves that breaks up dirt particles and makes all your diamonds, gold, and gemstones bling.

A cleaner with plastic racks (so it doesn’t scratch your jewelry), that’s easy to fill, clean, and use.

Just like this cleaner below:

2) Jewelry Polishing Cloths:

All gold, silver, and platinum deserve a shine. Whether it be little smudges, marks, or soft scratches, these jewelry cleaning cloths will polish up the finish quickly and effectively. Just rub gently, and watch your worries disappear. :)

3) Cat Lover Ceramic Jewelry Dish:

HA! I love this… It’s the cutest jewelry dish any cat will knock off the table. Right? A fun, colorful trinket dish that makes the purr-fect gift. Get one today.

4) Jewelry Box for Women:

All women need a jewelry box. Something that will keep their items from scratching, tangling, tarnishing, and knotting up. Something just like this great jewelry box below. It’s got multiple compartments, drawers, a mirror, and it’s pink. What more could you ask for?

5) Earring Stand Display Rack:

Earrings are always a pain to hang, display, sort, and show… No more. With an earring stand like this, you can make selecting the perfect pair easy and quick. It’s a rack that sits on your dresser, with 3 tiers and 69 holes. That’s a lot of earrings!

6) Silicone Stackable Ring Set:

Silicone rings are a great item for anyone. They’re comfortable, easy to wear when you’re doing something physical, and come in many different colors and patterns. Just like this beautiful 20 piece silicone ring set below. How fun!

7) Diamond Dazzle Sticks:

Dazzle sticks are a wonderful item for anyone with a diamond engagement ring. Keep this sticks in your purse and instantly you can clean your diamond and make it shine wherever you are. Fast, efficient, and watch those diamonds sparkle.

8) Jewelry Roll Bag:

I am a big fan of these Jewelry Roll Bags. It makes traveling and wrapping up your jewelry easy… And cute. Just look at this roll bag, so adorable. Not only will it safely transport your jewelry in your luggage or purse, but it will hold all your new items too. :)

9) Ring Size Adjusters:

Everyone needs some of these. Ring size adjusters are ideal when a ring is too loose on your fingers. It will help tighten them up about 1/2 size. And with everyone always on a diet, these are the ultimate aid in keeping your rings wearable until you reach your desired weight loss. They’re clear, easy to install, and just wrap around the shank of your ring. Trim when it’s the right size. Easy as that!

10) Necklaces Bracelets Extender Set:

If you own any type of chains or bracelets, you’ll know what these necklace or bracelet extenders are good for: Extending! They’ll turn any necklace or bracelet into a longer one. All you do is hook them on, link whatever hole you need, and boom, you have the perfect length. Plus, this set is not only ideal for all types of metal colors, but it also comes with magnetic safety clasps as well. Now that’s a bonus!

So there you go…

10 MUST HAVE ITEMS that any jewelry lover will need, use, and yes, LOVE.

Get some for yourself, grab some for a gift. Everyone needs bling, safety, and sparkly diamonds.

  1. Jewelry Ultrasonic Cleaner
  2. Jewelry Polishing Cloths
  3. Cat Lover Ceramic Jewelry Dish
  4. Jewelry Box for Women
  5. Earring Stand Display Rack
  6. Silicone Stackable Ring Set
  7. Diamond Dazzle Sticks
  8. Jewelry Roll Bag
  9. Ring Size Adjusters
  10. Necklaces Bracelets Extender Set

Cheers! :)

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