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24 Best Facts About Sapphire Gemstone


Sapphire is one of the best gemstones on Earth… And for many reasons too.

So let’s take a look at some of these crazy, cool and best facts about the sapphire gemstone, the birthstone for September.

Sapphire Fact #1

There are no red Sapphires. None. Even though Sapphire comes in every color of the rainbow; yellows, orange, pinks, green… there is no red. That’s because red corundum (what Sapphire is made from) is actually called Ruby (All the other colors of Sapphire, other than blue, are often called Fancy Sapphires).

Sapphire Fact #2

Sapphire is a gemstone often associated with royalty and dignity and is commonly found in the crowns and jewelry of kings and queens. In fact, Princess Diana wore a Sapphire gemstone as an engagement ring (which has now been passed down to Kate Middleton).

Princess Diana Kate Middleton Sapphire Engagement Ring

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Sapphire Fact #3

The only natural stone that can scratch a Sapphire, is a Diamond (Because Sapphire is the second most durable gemstone on Earth, right underneath Diamond. Diamond is a 10 on the MOH’s Scale of Hardness. Sapphire is a 9.)

Sapphire Fact #4

Sapphires melt under very intense heat; 2044° Celsius (or 3711.2° Fahrenheit). In comparison, paper burns at 451°F (Thanks to Ray Bradbury’s famous novel), Silver burns at 1,700°F, and an average house fire generally burns at 1,000 – 2,000 degrees. So Sapphires can survive a ton of heat.

Sapphire Fact #5

Iron and Titanium minerals is what gives Sapphire it’s strong blue color. This blue is often described as the heavens, believing it was Sapphire reflections painted across the sky.

Sapphire Fact #6

The rarest natural Sapphire in the world is actually a pink Sapphire called Padparadscha.

Sapphire Fact #7

The word Sapphire comes from a Greek word “Sapheiros“, and the Latin word “Saphirus” which literally means blue, as in the planet Saturn.

Sapphire Fact #8

Sapphire is one of the very first gemstones to ever be flux grown in a laboratory (1902).

Sapphire Fact #9

Sapphire was supposed to protect the wearer from evil and witchcraft in the Middle Ages. It was ground up and used as an antidote for poison, too, because it was strongly believed that Sapphire could cure illness and elevate the sick to a higher level.

Sapphire Fact #10

Sapphire, even though it’s the same stone as Ruby, often has better clarity than Ruby, and is generally found in bigger carat weights, too.

Sapphire Fact #11

Some Sapphires are known to have a color change (similar to Alexandrite), changing from blues to purples, or reds and greens.

Sapphire Fact #12

Tradition says that the Ten Commandments were created and carved from a Sapphire tablet

Ten Commandments Made Out Of Sapphire

Sapphire Fact #13

Some Sapphires have a starburst effect in them, due to rutile or white silk, giving them the name “Star Sapphires“.

Sapphire Fact #14

Sapphire is the Zodiac gemstone for: Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, and Sagittarius.

Sapphire Fact #15

Most genuine Sapphires are heat treated to improve not only their colors, but their clarities.

Sapphire Fact #16

Sapphire is one of the big 3 gemstones, called “Precious Gemstones“. The other two are: Ruby and Emerald.

Sapphire Fact #17

Sir Richard Francis Burton, the famous Oriental traveler, carried a star Sapphire as a talisman that brought him good luck and good health wherever he went.

Sapphire Fact #18

The largest Sapphire ever cut (certified by Guinness World Records), is the Millennium Sapphire discovered in Madagascar, weighing an impressive 61,500 carats.

Sapphire Fact #19

The Sapphire gemstone became the official one-and-only birthstone for September in 1912.

Sapphire Fact #20

Most Sapphires found in stores today, are lab-created, due to pricing, availability, and the colors (so beautiful)…

Created Sapphire Jewelry

Sapphire Fact #21

Sapphires are Pleochroism stones. Meaning, viewing these stones from two different angles (like the top view and the side view), may produce two totally different colors; green in one view, blue in another.

Sapphire Fact #22

The best Sapphires and colors to own are intense deep-blue Sapphires (but not so dark they look black). These are best viewed under natural daylight and are normally mined in Kashmir, Burma and Sri Lanka (Ceylonese).

The Best Sapphires Come From Kashmir Ceylon And Burma

Sapphire Fact #23

Blue Sapphire is the proper gift for these Wedding Anniversaries: 5th, 10th, 12th, 16th (Star Sapphire), 45th, and the 85th Wedding Anniversaries.

Sapphire Fact #24

Sapphires are not harmed by cleaning them in an Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner (unlike other stones like Emerald, Opal, Pearl, Tanzanite, Tourmaline, Peridot, Turquoise, Jade, Lapis, and Colored Diamonds).

See, that was Fun and Interesting!

Now go get yourself a Sapphire. Feel like royalty TODAY!

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Cheers! :)

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