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3 Ways To Save Money Buying Jewelry On Amazon

Want to save?

Everybody wants to save money at Christmas time. Especially when it comes to more expensive goodies, like jewelry.

But, there are actually plenty of ways to save more (shopping on Amazon is usually the best way to start saving because of competition), and keep a little green for yourself…

So how do you save money?

Easy. Let me break it down for you

1) Prime

Amazon Prime saves you plenty of money in shipping charges. Sign up and they will give you FREE shipping on any item stocked in the Amazon warehouses. That can save you a good chunk of change over the course of a year…

And you’ll know that items are PRIME, because it will say so right in the description (like in the jewelry ultrasonic cleaners below), or you could also check the PRIME box on the left side of their website to show only Prime items.

Make Sure You Choose Prime

I’ve had Amazon Prime for years. It just makes shopping easy. I no longer have to worry about spending limits just to get free shipping. It’s very convenient.

2) Sort Low to High

All of the items shown in Amazon are sorted as “FEATURED” items (see below). Meaning, with no rhyme or reason. Anything could show up for whatever reason they deem (sponsored, ratings, latest sold…) But if you change these sort options to “Price: Low to High“, you’ll see the cheapest items in that category. Doing so can save you hundreds of dollars. Like in the example below of 1 carat diamond stud earrings

Save Money Buying Jewelry On Amazon By Sorting Low Price To High

You can save some serious dough.


Check Today’s Deals:

Today’s deals feature jewelry items (and anything sold on Amazon) for the biggest discounts on the website. Just check your categories (I have selected men’s watches, women’s watches, and women’s jewelry), and then select “Discount – High to Low” in the sort options. As so…

Check Out Todays Deals Highest Discount On Jewelry

Many of these items are 60%, 70%, and even 80% or more off!

See the biggest discounted jewelry items HERE!

Using a combination of these tactics will help you find the best deals possible on Amazon.

Happy shopping and happy savings.

HO HO HO! :)

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James Allen

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Blue Nile

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