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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

5 Reasons To Buy I Clarity Diamonds

Buying I Clarity?

I Clarity Diamonds come in 3 Clarity Grades:

I1, I2 and I3

I1 is the Highest Clarity of the Bunch.

I usually Advise Buying Higher Clarity Diamonds (that’s the Jeweler in me coming out) because I Clarity is the Lowest Clarity you can Buy

But, there are actually a lot of Great Reasons why You SHOULD Buy I Clarity.

I Clarity may be the Last Clarity Grade on the Market, but it has so much going for it…

So let’s take a Closer look at I Clarity Diamonds and see why these Clarity Grades make a lot of Sense to Buy.

1) I Clarity Diamonds are Cheaper

It’s so True! There is No Denying that Fact. I Clarity Diamonds are by Far, the Most Inexpensive (Cheapest) Diamonds you can Buy.

Granted, this can always change depending on the Cut and Color, but generally this is True.

If you want to Save Money, if you want to get an Engagement Ring or Wedding Ring and NOT Spend an Arm and a Leg, then I Clarity is the place to be.

You will always be able to Find Great Deals, Promotions, Clearance Sales and Huge Reductions on I Clarity Stones.

When you see One Carat Diamonds Advertised in Magazines and Fliers for only $1,999Trust me, it’s I Clarity!

2) You Can Buy a Bigger Stone

By Buying I Clarity, you’ll be able to Buy a Larger Carat Weight Diamond.

If you Buy a Higher Clarity (like SI, VS or VVS), you’ll only get 1/2 or Less of the Carat Weight for that same Price.

So I Clarity allows you to Go Big! And we all know that Women LOVE Big Diamonds! Most Women Dream of Wearing a One Carat Diamond or Larger.

With I Clarity… Those Dreams are Possible!

2 Carats, 3 Carats or Bigger, are much more Affordable Stones.

3) It’s hard to see the Inclusions

It’s True!

As much as I’d Love to say it isn’t, I can’t…

Only half the People that look at an I Clarity Diamond will see the Inclusions in the Stone. In fact, I’d probably say it’s Less than that. Flaws, Inclusions and Imperfections are Not exactly Easy to Spot, especially if you’re looking at a Diamond under 1.00 Carat in Weight.

Most people’s Eyes aren’t that Good. You have to Bring the Diamond close to see any Flaws, Inclusions, Blemishes or Imperfections. Most of these Flaws are Microscopic Anyway (You have to use a Jeweler’s Loupe or a Microscope).

Unless the Flaws are Obviously Gigantic, Huge or Black, most people won’t see them unless you point them out.

This is why I Clarity isn’t as Bad as most people would say, including myself.

I Clarity is what it is. They do have Eye-Visible Inclusions in them. After all, I Clarity means “Included“.

But, unless you really Stare at the Stone Good, or Scrutinize it well, at First Glance, you probably won’t see anything, and neither will anyone else.

No one will know it’s I Clarity unless you tell them!

3) I Clarity makes up 1/2 the Market

I Clarity Diamonds are Everywhere. So much so, they make up Half the Market.

That’s because Mother Nature is Flawed (Not Perfect). Most things Born in Nature have Identifying Marks and Characteristics to them (we all do).

Diamonds have Inclusions and Flaws and Eye-Visible Imperfections. Big Deal. It’s just the way it is.

Just about Every Pair of Diamond Stud Earrings that you see in Stores Today is I Clarity. Diamonds Pendants are the same way. Tennis Bracelets = Yep, I Clarity!

Men’s Rings, Gemstone Rings, Pinky Rings… just about any type of Jewelry you see has I Clarity Diamonds in them.

It’s The Norm!

Sure you can find Higher Clarity Diamonds, but most people wouldn’t want to Spend that Extra Money on a Pair of Earrings like they would an Engagement Ring.

Engagement Rings are usually the only Piece of Jewelry that people get that Picky about.

No matter, I Clarity Diamonds are Everywhere and just about anybody you Stop on the Street will have some.

4) Certification Doesn’t Matter


You won’t Hear me say that often. But in this case, it’s the Truth.

When you Buy the Lowest Quality Grade there is, Certifying it Doesn’t Matter.

Now if you were to Buy a Higher Clarity like VVS, VS or SI, then I’d say by all means YES get it Certified. Absolutely! But, I Clarity, to me, it’s Not a Big Deal.

Certification Guarantees that the Quality of Diamond you Buy IS the Quality of Diamond you are getting. If you Buy high Clarity, you’ll want Proof of that.

If you Buy Low Clarity though (No Hiding the Fact that it’s Low), then why Spend more Money for someone to tell you that???

You Bought the Lowest Clarity there is… Here’s your Proof!

See how Silly that Sounds?

To me, it’s Crazy.

I Clarity is I Clarity. You Get what you Pay for. I Clarity has Inclusions. It’s the Lowest Clarity there is. You know this. But at the same time, they are the Cheapest. So for me, it’s a Great Trade off.

5) No Diamond Switching

You won’t have to Worry about Jewelers Switching out your Diamond with a Lower Grade Stone… You already own that.

Jewelers have Tons of I Clarity Diamonds, they don’t need More and they wouldn’t Want to Swap an I Clarity Stone for an I Clarity Stone. Why Bother?

This is Great News to you. You’ll have no Worries about Dropping your Ring off at the Jewelers for Sizing or Repairs. The Diamond you get back will be the Diamond you dropped off.

I Clarity is Peace of Mind!

The Bottom Line

So you see, I Clarity may not be the Best Clarity Stone there is, but there are some Awesome Advantages to Buying them over a More Expensive Diamond.

You can get a Large Stone, that for the Most Part, faces up well. You can actually find some great I Clarity Diamonds that look just like SI Clarity stones and will have just as much Sparkle and Brilliance in them (See some Great Looking I Clarity Diamonds HERE!)

With I Clarity you won’t have to Worry about Certification (Although James Allen Certifies all of their Stones) or Diamond Switching

It’s a Win-Win Clarity!

Plus, it’s CHEAP!

And with the Prices of Diamonds today…

I’d say that’s a Steal! :)

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