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5 Reasons Why You Must Own A Jewelry Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Owning an ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine isn’t just a fun accessory or a side purchase…


You must buy yourself a cleaner (if you don’t own one already).


I’m glad you asked…

There are 5 great reasons why every home should own one.

Starting with…

1) To keep your metal from scratching:

Dirt, debris, and who knows what, coats your metal rings, pendants, earrings, with a layer of dry soot and slime. This gets in between your prongs, stones, grooves, inlay, engravings, nooks and crannies, and makes scratching your metal easy. The high polished surfaces (whether it be yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, silver…) will get marred and visibly roughed up.

Keep the dirt off and your rings will look brand new longer.

2) To keep the metal from tarnishing:

Your jewelry gets covered with perfumes, lotions, soaps, shampoos, detergents, sweat, and everything else that wants to sink into the pores of the metal. It tarnishes them.

Harsh chemicals are the worst. And bleach is so harmful to gold, that it will erode the metal and make it brittle and weak (your prongs could snap off easily… don’t wear them if you’re doing laundry).

Even hard tap water (with a high content of iron) can make your metals turn colors and stain.

It’s wise to keep your jewelry clean and make them stay durable and secure. If not, a trip to the jeweler to buff and polish your jewelry may be necessary.

3) To see if your stones are loose:

Rings (and other things) get so dirty that the substance turns into a cement like residue that blocks light and makes them hard to clean (some people only clean their jewelry once a year).

This dirt and debris can hide the fact that there are problems with your jewelry; loose diamonds, broken prongs, bent channels, missing stones…

Only when you finally clean the rings (and sometimes, depending on how dirty they are, this could take hours) will you notice that the stones are loose and falling out of the mounting (many fall out in the cleaner). Dirt hides everything.

I’ve seen rings where the prongs are broken entirely off, and the only thing holding in the diamonds was gook. Scary stuff!

Cleaning your jewelry often (I advise once a week), and louping your pieces with a 10x jeweler’s loupe will allow you to see and inspect your valuables thoroughly. This preventive medicine is crucial to the upkeep of your prongs and mounting (like regular maintenance on a car).

Cleaning them well will show you if the prongs are broken, snapped off, bent, cracked. It will show you if the mounting is tarnished, the stones are loose and wobbling, the gemstones chipped or broken. It will let you see everything. It will keep your stones safe (and not in the vacuum).

If your jewelry does need fixing (like a diamond that rocks or spins), don’t wear it. Take it into a local jewelry store and have the item fixed immediately.

4) To keep your diamonds sparkling:

Dirty diamonds suck!

Diamonds need light to shine.

So the cleaner your diamonds get, the more it will sparkle and dance.

Plus, clean diamonds not only look better, but they look bigger and brighter as well. Clean diamonds have so much light that they practically hide inclusions and flaws in the stone (which is why you can see them more if your diamond is dirty or dull).

Nothing beats a clean stone. And it only takes a few minutes a week to clean them.

P.S. Make sure you clean underneath the stones with a soft toothbrush, because that’s where dirt loves to reside. And if the pavilion (the base or point) of the diamond is dirty, then the whole stone looks dark and dreary.

5) To identify your diamonds:

You can’t identify a dirty diamond.

Dirt keeps you from seeing the real imperfections in the stone. It keeps you from seeing the true color as well. Dirt makes everything about a diamond lifeless and boring. It even hides laser inscriptions.

This is why viewing diamonds perfectly clean is a MUST!

You don’t want to mistake a carbon spot for a piece of meatball from last nights supper.

Clean your jewelry once a week.

Leave them in the cleaner longer if they’re really dirty. Otherwise 5-10 minutes should do it. Put them in a solution of 1 part Mr. Clean, to 7 parts hot water (like coffee hot), and it will make your jewelry sparkle and shine. Just remember to gently dab at them with a soft toothbrush, around the stones and underneath to maintain the life of your diamonds and trinkets.

There’s no reason not to!

Buy yourself a cleaner:

Cleaners are cheap enough for everyone to afford. Just get in the habit of cleaning them every Friday (or whatever day you choose–set a reminder in your smartphone), and you’ll love how they look and feel.

Clean them. They’ll look much better. Last longer. And be ready for the weekend. :)

Check out all the different jewelry ultrasonic cleaning machines here.

Cheers! :)

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