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6 Month Cleaning And Inspection

Many Jewelry Stores (just about every single Chain Store or Mall Jewelry Store) offers a Diamond Guarantee that covers your Jewelry.

These stores Guarantee your Diamond (sometimes for life), against loss… But, they FORCE you to bring it in twice a year for routine Cleaning and Inspection (which they note on your actual Diamond Guarantee Certificate).

The Question is: WHY?

Why is this Jewelry Inspection required? Why is it a mandatory event?

There are 5 main reasons why Jewelry Stores require this customer participation…

Let’s look at them!

1) Part of the Contract

These Jewelry Stores are offering to pay for your Diamond in case something happens to it. Like you lose it, it falls out of the mounting, or it breaks… They are in fact, giving you a FREE Diamond!

So, asking for something in return (a 6 month Inspection) is not too much to ask for.

A FREE Diamond is a FREE Diamond!

The Diamond Guarantee itself is a major selling point… It’s supposed to Guarantee the Diamond NO MATTER WHAT!

But, not every Diamond will be replaced as stated. Why? Because people get lazy and skip their scheduled Cleanings and Inspection (which is why you should mark it on your Calendar, or set a Reminder in your Phone).

So, even though the stores DO Guarantee every Diamond… they actually only Guarantee Diamonds that have been routinely Inspected!

The lesson to learn here is: If you want your Diamonds Guaranteed for life, All you need to do is fulfill your end of the contract!

2) Good Service

Let’s face it, doing these little, quick, cleanings is cool. You get your Jewelry Cleaned and your Diamonds Sparkling! Awesome!

Everyone LOVES Clean Jewelry!

It makes the Gold Shiny, the Stones Glisten, everything looks so much better! More Bling!

And that, is a great thing. Because some people NEVER clean their Jewelry. So these twice a year Inspections are the only time of the year that their Jewelry gets cleaned.

A quick polish from a Professional Jewelry Cleaner and Steam Cleaner goes a long way. It makes your Jewelry look brand new again.

Plus, clean Jewelry always puts a smile on your face. :)

Get some great deals at Amazon here: Jewelry Cleaners.

3) Catch Repairs

This is the big reason why you have to bring your Jewelry in… Preventive Medicine!

If there is something wrong with your Jewelry or Rings, like you have a broken Prong, a loose Diamond, a thin Shank or a Worn Channel… the Guarantee will demand that you get those repairs done. And done ASAP!

In order for the Diamond Guarantee to remain intact (and NOT get voided), you MUST get the required repairs finished right here, right now. Which also means, the store will end up replacing fewer lost Diamonds!

If you need to get your Prongs retipped, you are going to have to pay for those.

If your Channel Walls are weak or breaking, you will have to pay to have it repaired.

Granted, you could also have an ESP (Extended Service Plan) on the rings (sold at the time of purchase in some stores) that will cover these additional repairs… But somehow, someway, if you want to keep your Diamonds Guaranteed, you’ll have to pay for those repairs.

And Repairs are NOT Cheap!

I will say, that sometimes you can also get your Insurance Company to cover the costs of these repairs… It’s wise to check it out and ask!

4) Keeps you Loyal

Having a routine Inspection does one thing really well… It keeps you loyal!

It keeps you going back to that one particular Jewelry Store versus their competitor.

When you have to keep going back to one store it builds friendships, loyalty and trust.

That in itself leads to one thing: More business!

5) Sell you MORE!

It’s all about the Sales!

If you go back to the store (which has sold you before), the odds are good that you’ll buy MORE from them.

People usually buy Jewelry a couple of times a year. This is actually convenient… You have to go back anyway! :)

While the salesperson is Cleaning and Inspecting your Jewelry (which may or may not need any repairs), what are you doing?

The obvious thing…

Looking around and Shopping! :)

This gives the Jewelry Store the perfect opportunity to tempt you and to sell you more.

How about a new Watch? Some new Earrings? Maybe even an upgrade to your Pendant… It’s such an easy thing to do once you’re in that “Jewelry Mode“.

Chances are, by the time you leave, you’ll have bought something…

  • A Watch Battery
  • A Chain Repair
  • Gemstone Dangles
  • New Prongs


But you know what? It’s all just part of the plan. They get you back in the door. They get you smiling and laughing and looking… And then they get you to buy more. It’s pretty genius!

The Bottom Line

No matter what, I believe Cleanings and Inspections, mandatory or not, are a GOOD THING!

Think about it. You get:

  • Your Jewelry Cleaned
  • Your Jewelry Fixed
  • Diamonds Replaced for FREE
  • More Jewelry! :)

You can’t beat that!

Isn’t it time for your 6th Month Cleaning and Inspection?

Better check your Calendar

And don’t forget your Credit Card.

You’re going to need it! :)

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