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2 Carat Pear Diamond for Under 5 Thousand

Deal Deal Deal

This just blows my mind

A 2 carat diamond for less than 5 grand???


That’s unheard of… In fact, even most 1 carat diamonds sell for more than that…

So what gives?

Well, a couple of things makes the cost so low:


First off, it’s a pear shaped diamond. And any fancy cut diamond is generally going to be less expensive then the same quality round stone (which is the most expensive cut). So that’s the starting discount

Then we have CLARITY:

The clarity of this particular diamond is I1. Meaning, it does have eye-visible flaws in it. You WILL see inclusions and imperfections in the stone just by looking at it. Things like: Crystals, Feathers, Needles, Naturals and Cavities (and you can see these if you look at the GIA diamond report)… So it has some flaws; YES! But that’s a huge, huge reason why the price is low.

The other thing is COLOR:

This diamond does exhibit some yellow in the stone. Not bad, but you can tell it’s a bit warm, an off-white hue that might be noticeable if pointed out. But if you don’t tell anyone, they’d probably never have a clue.

Take a peek at this beautiful 2 carat pear here:

2 carat pear diamond for less than 5 thousand dollars

See, it faces up quite nice!

It doesn’t look at all like a 5 grand 2 carat diamond should. 2 carats is MASSIVE in size (the dream carat weight is just 1 carat). So 2 carats is an eye-catcher and a humongous stone to own.

It’s got “excellent” polish, “very good” symmetry, no fluorescence, and it’s graded by the best: GIA.

And all for just $4,920!

It really is a steal for what you get. It’s looks way better than it is…

But don’t wait…

This diamond will sell ULTRA-FAST! Like really, really fast. Diamonds like this, that face up this good, and are this cheap, will fly off the shelf in no time.

So if you want a HUGE Diamond…

And don’t want to break the bank… This is the stone to buy! (It’s ideal for an engagement ring)

Get this 2 Carat Pear Diamond at James Allen HERE!

It’s well worth the money.

Cheers! :)

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