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A Cheap 200 Carat Round Certified Diamond

Looking for CHEAP?

At least “Cheap” when it comes to diamonds

For diamonds, no matter the quality, are NOT cheap!

But for a 2 Carat…

YEP, it’s CHEAP!

This particular diamond has a good Clarity: SI2, meaning it will have some eye-visible flaws in the stone (most are microscopic only, as you can see in the picture below), and most stones this size (probably 99% of them) do have inclusions that are visible to the eye.

That’s just how BIG stones go!

They’re so large, you can’t hide them easily. Unless you want to get into a VS diamond, where the price jumps by $1,000 bucks… (as in this 2.00 Carat VS2 Diamond HERE!)

The color of this stone is K, so it does have a tinge of yellow in it, another reason why the price is low… But color in large diamonds is pretty common, for the larger the stone gets, the easier color is to see with the eyes…

Most people don’t notice color though…

…Unless it’s a wildly visible hue, which in this case, it isn’t.

And the cut of the stone actually helps hide the rest of the flaws… It makes the color look better, it hides the imperfections easier…

The Cut of this Stone is “Very Good”.

There’s only one step higher than that… (which is Excellent).

Very Good will give you massive bling and really make the diamond sparkle.

It’s got Excellent Polish, Very Good Symmetry and NO Fluorescence (which a lot of big stones have – which is not good).

Check out this Impressive 2 Carat Diamond:

A Cheap 2.00 Carat Diamond

See, it’s a Beauty!

It really is a beautiful diamond with wonderful brilliance.

But the Price alone; $7,480, is a STEAL!

That’s what most mall stores charge for a low quality 1.00 Carat!

Sure you can spend a grand more for a better Clarity, and another grand more for a better Color, and another grand more for a better Cut… (Which puts you into insanely stunning diamonds like thesestarting at $11,000.00)…

But it’s really not necessary…

For this stone is HUGE…

2 Carats is MASSIVE in SIZE!

It’ll look enormous on her finger…

This diamond’s got the bling, has small inclusions (Which actually make it easy to identify your diamond)…

It’s a Win-Win Stone!

And at this price, it won’t last long

(Price good at the time of this post)

So get this Gorgeous 2 Carat Diamond HERE!

Cheers! :)

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