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a killer half carat diamond true hearts


This really is the Ultimate Diamond

If you’re looking for a Loose Certified Diamond for an Engagement Ring

Grab this Diamond QUICK!

For it’ll be gone, Likety-Split!

It’s a Half Carat, actually larger than a Half, it’s 5/8’s of a Carat, 57 Points, and the Quality is Outstanding.

You’ll probably never see a Better Stone in your Life.

That’s how Rare this is!

It’s not the “Best” you can Buy, no… But it’s Pretty Freaking Close!

The Clarity is VVS2. Which means, there are a few tiny imperfections in the stone, but only seen under 10x magnification, and only by an expert diamontologist

To anyone else… PERFECTION!

The Color of this Stone is E (My Favorite Color). E is Pure White, Bright, and will Sparkle and Dance like a Thousand Stars… It’s Breathtaking and Brilliant!

The Cut of this Stone… Immaculate!

It’s a True Hearts Diamond, Excellent Cut, which means, it has those Incredible Hearts and Arrows Patterns in the Diamond that are the Best Cuts you can Buy!

Take a Peek at this .57 Carat Diamond Below

a killer half carat diamond true hearts

The Cut is Absolutely KILLER!

Not to mention, Excellent Polish and Symmetry… It will BLING like Crazy!

This Diamond has Zero Fluorescence, is Certified by GIA (The Best there is), and the Price is BEAUTIFUL

It Sells For Only $2,740

That’s a Great Deal for a Diamond of this Magnitude. You really can’t get better…

So if you’re looking for “The Ring“, purchase this Diamond and have it set into a Pave Mounting or Halo Mounting, and you’ll have one Kick Ass RING!

Grab this STONE TODAY!

It’ll probably be gone tomorrow!

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Cheers! :)

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