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A Low Quality I1 E Diamond Worth Buying

Most people looking for a diamond engagement ring would steer clear from I1 clarity stones…

After all, they are included (that’s what I clarity means), and you can see flaws in the stone with the naked eye.

But here’s a Secret…

Most diamonds that are over one carat, especially when you get 1.50 and up, are included, they do have black spots, feathers, clouds, cracks, chips

That’s just the Nature of Big Stones!

(And Mother Nature!)

But not all flaws are bad (none of them are really bad, but most consider eye-visible flaws un-desireable). You see, if you look at enough stones, you can actually find low-quality diamonds that face up really, really well. Some even better than higher quality stones. And it’s all because of cut, color, and the visual aspect.

Like this 1.70 Diamond…

Normally a stone this size would run 14-20 grand… (with average clarity) Easily!

So the trick to saving money on big stones, is to find an I clarity diamond that HIDES flaws better.

Mask inclusions so they don’t appear so eye-jarring

Diamonds that overpower the imperfections with sparkle, brilliance, fire, scintillation and beauty!

And this Particular Diamond does just that!

It’s a round brilliant cut diamond, 1.70 carats (HUGE), with a top-of-the-line color; E (meaning pure-white, one of the best colors in the world), and a cut that will blow you away…

It’s Triple Excellent

Triple excellent means, it has an excellent cut, excellent polish, and excellent symmetry… And boy does it make one hell of a difference.

Take a Peek…

A Stunning Low Quality I1 Clarity Diamond

Not only does this diamond outshine just about all other diamonds out there (go to James Allen and spin the stone for yourself), but it has zero fluorescence, and is certified by GIA.

Plus, it’s laser inscribed as well (diamond report # right on the girdle).

It’s a great chance to own a massive diamond with tremendous sparkle, a killer color, for a fraction of the price.

This Diamond sells for $8,500

That’s what most people would pay for a decent 1 carat diamond. And with this stone, you practically DOUBLE that size!

Picking up a huge stone with a few visible identifying marks, with an excellent cut and a stunning ultra-white color, is absolutely a diamond worth buying.

It would make any Engagement Ring Proud!

It’s huge, certified, and dazzles like a thousand stars in the sky.

You don’t get much better than that.

But act fast… For diamonds like this (with this size and price) sell awfully fast.

It’ll be gone before you Blink!

Get this humongous 1.70 I1, E Diamond HERE!

Or see other similar large stones at James Allen Here!

Cheers! :)

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