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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The Best Chains to Ever Buy

James Allen 25 Percent Off Sale

See What A Million Dollar Diamond Looks Like

Win the lotto?

Have a $1,000,000 to blow?

Good. Then feast your eyes on this bad boy.

It’s a round brilliant cut diamond, that truly is worth a million dollars.

$1,030,630 to be exact

And the specs are pretty freaking impressive (as should be).

First off, the clarity, color, cut and carat weight will knock your socks off

The Clarity is VVS2

VVS2 is extremely clean inside. The diamond plot (on the GIA report) shows almost no flaws. Just a couple of very, very small feathers, pinpoints, and a natural on the girdle.

They’re so minute, hard to see, that even under magnification an expert would have a hard time spotting them. To everyone else (common folk), it would appear almost flawless.

The Color is E

E color: My favorite color… E is pure-white. A white-white that lacks any color whatsoever. E tends to “pop” in the mounting and look like there’s a spot-light on the stone.

I love pure-white diamonds and highly recommend them. They are very rare, and very beautiful.

The Cut is Triple Excellent

That’s excellent grades (the best) in everything: Cut, polish, symmetry… All things needed for maximum sparkle, brilliance, fire, and scintillation (light effects).

Zero Fluorescence

This particular diamond has no fluorescence either (which is important to me). That way it won’t look odd or weird in natural light, nor will it glow-in-the-dark.

And the Carat Weight… WOW!

Get this… It’s massive in size. Over 10 full carats. It’s HUGE

Take a peek…

A Million Dollar Diamond

Utter Beauty!

Being 10.02 carats in weight, you’ll need quite an impressive mounting too (you can’t put donut tires on a Lamborghini). The mounting, the basket, the prongs… Everything will be larger than life! It has to be to hold that highly valuable luxury.

10 carats is almost 14mm (half an inch). Which is the thickness of a AA battery (ponder that and drool).

Plus, it’s Graded by GIA

GIA is the best of the best. You can’t get a better report (certificate), and it’s even laser inscribed; It has the diamond report number etched directly onto the diamond girdle itself. That’s cool!

And yes, it’s a Million Bucks!

So there you go. Now you know what a million dollars will buy you.

How many would you like?

See all the other big ticket diamonds HERE at James Allen.

And just for a comparison…

One carat diamonds, of this exact same quality and 4C’s, would sell for around $9,500 (a little more affordable).

One Carat Diamonds VVS2 E

You could buy 100 of those with a million!

…Just Sayin’

Cheers! :)

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