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A Stunning I1 Clarity Diamond


Just WOW!

Every now and then I run across a Diamond that Blows my Mind!

And this particular I1 Clarity Diamond does just that.

I1 Clarity is known for being a Low Quality Stone… I mean, they are Included and DO HAVE Eye-Visible Flaws in them (Without using a Microscope or a 10x Jeweler’s Loupe).

That’s just the Nature of I Clarity

And this Diamond DOES have Visible Flaws..


You wouldn’t Believe it by Looking at the Stone.

Sure there’s a Black Spot towards the Center. That and a couple of Lines and Identifying Marks


It’s Absolutely Gorgeous!

Take a Peek…

A Stunning I1 Clarity Diamond

See the Diamond Specs HERE:

1.03, I1, G, GIA CERTIFIED $4,560 VIEW

This Diamond ROCKS!

It’s so Stunning and Sparkly, it’s hard to Believe it’s not a VS or SI Diamond.


It’s all due to the Rest of the 4C’s!

The Color is G, which is Considered a “Fine White“, so it’ll look Nice and Bright and White.

The Cut is “Excellent” (The Best there is), as well as the Polish and Symmetry are also “Excellent” too.

It’s also Bigger than a One Carat (The Dream Carat Weight), it’s 1.03 Carats, and it has NO Fluorescence, and is GIA Certified!

All of Which is Incredible!

Plus, the Price is Great!

You could Easily Spend Thousands MORE for a Similar Looking Diamond of Higher Quality

But WHY?

Someone needs to Buy this I1 Clarity TODAY!

Go look at the Stone. Spin it around.



And it Won’t Last Long!

Cheers! :)

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  1. That’s awesome! And the relatively small carbon spots, even the one on table facet, will be ten times smaller in real life! Hardly noticable, and I’ve seen better graded diamonds with bigger/more flaws than this one! I hope someone snaps it up soon.
    In a mounting with pavè stones, or maybe a three stone mounting, to take some of the attention away from the center stone, those little flaws will likely never be noticed! Very cool find!

  2. What about the cut of the diamond? Even though it is XXX, looking at the table % and depth % it seems far from excellent. What do you think?

    • Not alarmed in the least. You really can’t base the appearance of a diamond based solely on percentages. GIA realized that and pretty much did away with the 60/60 rule of thumb. They found that different percentage combos looked just as good and had just as much sparkle as “ideal” cut diamonds. That’s the reason why they revamped the cut standards and created the 5 cut grades. It makes it easier to find an excellent diamond, without having to deal with all the percentages, depths, widths, crown heights and angles… It was too complicated and it still didn’t tell you whether the diamond had brilliance and fire or not. I am happy to visually look at the diamond, turn it in the light and see what it really looks like, versus what a piece of paper says. :) -Richard

  3. Isnt table of 61% a little high to be alarming?

  4. I was able to find these stones based on your review. My fiance (wife now) loved it and I was able to save money on such a good looking stone. Thanks for your review!

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