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A Super Ideal True Hearts Arrows Princess Cut Diamond


A super ideal cut diamond is a diamond that is excellent in 3 categories:

Cut, Polish & Symmetry

Excellent” grades, cut to perfection, allowing the maximum amount of brilliance and fire in a diamond possible.

And they truly are impressive. Especially if you also get a diamond with a high clarity and color, like this diamond here…

Princess Cut, 1.05 CT, VS1, F

In other words: WOW!

A diamond with very few inclusions, being a VS1, the tiny imperfections are all invisible to the bare eye, only seen under intense scrutiny and magnification.

The Color is Top-Notch: F

F is pure white, colorless. A white-white that makes the diamond look bigger, brighter, and bursting with light.

Take a peek at this 1.05 carat Princess cut

Super Ideal Princess Cut Diamond VS1 F Just 6530

It’s Magnificent!

And the cut… You can’t beat it…

It’s True Hearts!

The cut is the ultimate cut. A true hearts cut (like hearts and arrows) is above ideal, it’s the cream of the crop. It will sparkle like a thousand stars in the sky…

With the highest AGS “Ideal” grades in Cut, Polish and Symmetry, this diamond will knock her socks off.

Truly a Masterpiece.

Bigger than a full carat, having zero fluorescence, it really is quite rare.

So rare in fact, that there’s only 3 stones like it in their entire inventory…

Super Ideal Cut Princess Diamonds High Clarity Color Very Rare

True Hearts Princess Cut Diamonds

As far as I know of, James Allen is the only company that actually takes the time to give Princess Cut Diamonds a cut grade. And they are only given to AGS Certified Ideal Triple 0 diamonds.

The BEST of the BEST!

And the Price…

Really, for a diamond like this to sell for only $6,530 is insane (a round diamond of the same quality sells for over 10 grand). So for $6,530, you can get an impressive super ideal princess cut that’s about as perfect as can be.

Have it set in a solitaire mounting, pave mounting, or a halo mounting, and you’ll have one mind-blowing engagement ring.

Compare the quality, compare the cut, compare the priceYou’ll see.

Nothing Truly Compares!

Grab this super ideal Princess cut diamond HERE, before it’s gone.

Cheers! :)

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