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Customer Shopping Just A Watch

Some customers are nice.

Wayyyy too nice.

Especially when they allow a salesperson to ramble on and on before they finally say they are not interested.

This only becomes a waste of time for everyone.

Case in point… A nifty, little, true story about a couple looking for a watch. Read and enjoy.

“Just a watch!”

A sales lady approaches a young Japanese couple as they enter the jewelry store.

The couple is holding hands and full of smiles and laughter.

The sales lady says “Can I help you find something?

The couple nod their heads, smile and reply “Ahhh, just a watch.

Right this way” the lady says and leads them over to the watch case. They follow her and start looking at watches.

The sales lady pulls one watch out at a time talking about the different makes and models and prices and warranties. The couple smiles, nods, chats in Japanese between each other and continue to look.

This goes on for 20 minutes

The sales lady pulls pretty much every single watch out of the case for the couple to try on. They are no longer smiling.

The sales lady asks questions about what they like and don’t like. She only gets blank stares and shrugs. “You don’t like any of these watches?” she finally asks.

The couple chats again in Japanese and turns back to her. “Maybe you no understand” the guys says in choppy English, “We just a watch“.

He points to his eye then points around the store, then back to his eye again. “Just a watch“.

The sales lady blushes and finally gets it. Embarrassed she says. “Oh… You just want to look.

She opens her arms in a grand gesture around the room.

Yes” he smiles “Just a look.

The couple nods and starts moving around the store…

The moral of the story

Sometimes a watch is not always a watch.

It’s a good lesson to learn for all of us.

Things like this happen and they happen all the time. Salespeople can be assertive and pushy. It’s a fact.

If you let them, they will try to sell you something that you don’t want to buy.

So be careful.

The best thing to do in these types of circumstances is to follow this young couple’s advice: Nod your head, smile, and simply walk away.

In other words…

Watch out!

Cheers! :)

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