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Jewelry Store Jeweler Remount Shows Restyling Events

You see Jewelry Stores Advertising Special Event Remount Shows, Restyling Events, or Resetting Events all the time.

You know what they are, you bring in your old Rings and Diamonds and have your Stones reset into Brand New Mountings!

But a lot of people are very skeptical about Resetting their Old Diamonds into New Rings. Just the thought of having someone Removing their Diamonds and Stones and Mounting them SCARES them.


People are Nervous about Jewelers Switching their beautiful Diamonds with Low Quality, Crappy Diamonds. But at the same time, they want to get a New Mounting.

Some Dilemma right?

They want a New Ring, but their Anxiety holds them back!

What’s a Customer to do?

Go to the Shows! Have some Refreshments like Coffee and Donuts! Enjoy!

That’s really what these Remount Shows and Events were Designed for. (For the Faint of Heart!) Special Event shows were designed to alleviate Fears and Concerns and to make the whole Buying Experience an Enjoyable one.

You see, these Remount or Restyling Events do some pretty spectacular things. Things that you could never get any other time of the year.

The Best Reason to Go?

One of the biggest and most Awesome Aspects and Benefits to these types of shows is this: The on-site Jeweler!

Literally! The Jeweler (or Goldsmith) is right on the Premises. And not only do they normally have a Jeweler on the Premises, but the Jeweler is usually set up out front so the customers can see them.

Nothing’s Hidden!


It’s all in plain site! Wow! What a change!

You Can Watch While You Wait!

The customers can stand right over the Jeweler’s shoulder (although not Recommended – for Safety Reasons!) and watch as the Jeweler removes their Diamonds from their old Rings and resets them into the Exciting New Mounting of their choice.

This is such a Huge Benefit to customers. Where else can you actually watch them work on your Jewelry? It keeps them from Switching your Diamond!

So all the Nervous, Leery people out there who think Jewelers are going to Rip them off, can rest assured.

When you can watch their every move, it creates a very calming effect. I would speculate that this is one of the Customer’s Biggest Concerns. There is so much uncertainty about the Jewelry Industry as a whole. Shows like these help ease people’s minds, and can create lasting bonds between customers and Jewelry Stores.

Trust is what it’s all about!

It’s a Win-Win scenario.

And what about the Mountings and New Rings?

Not only is Watching the Jeweler resetting your Diamonds into New Mountings fascinating, but the Mountings themselves, are Quite Impressive!

These types of Restyling Events that most Jewelers have about twice a year, are Awesome and Unique, because all the Mountings and Settings are New and Different!

They bring these New Rings in for One Day Only!

These shows literally bring in Hundreds and Thousands of Brand New Inventory for you to choose from.

It’s Amazing!

Rings with Pave Settings, Bezel Set Mountings, Tension Sets, Prong Sets, Wedding Sets, Engagement Rings, Solitaire Mountings, plus really Cool things like, Huge Gemstone Inventories, Certified Diamonds like, Round, Marquise, Princess Cuts, along with Extra Side Diamonds, Men’s Rings, Bracelets, Pendant Mountings, Earring Settings and more. You name it! They’ll have it!

They also do Trades!

They allow you to entirely Trade in your old Mountings and Diamonds as well. If you decide you just want something Bigger and Better, go for it.

I love these types of Shows. I love the Massive Assortment they bring in. I love the Variety and the Possibilities. It really is endless.

But what I love about theses shows the most, is… It’s Quick and Painless! 9 times out of 10 the Jewelers will Remount and Reset your Gemstones and Diamonds right then, right there, while you watch, and all normally within an hour or two. (Depending on how many Rings they’re working on at the time, and how Elaborate your job is!)

Side Note:

Some Rings could take an extra day or two, since they may have to order in New Heads, Prongs or Baskets to hold your Stones in. Diamonds come in hundreds of Shapes and Sizes, and carrying every Single Head in every Single Size is Impossible!

The on-site Jeweler sets your Stones, Sizes your Ring, and Polishes the New Mounting so you’ll be able to wear it home that day! Now that’s service! Walk in…

Walk Out Smiling!

It’s an Awesome Process from start to finish. Just a couple hours… “BAM” A Brand New Ring! Granted, these shows and Mountings will be a little more Expensive than a normal Mounting will be, but it’s the Convenience, Selection, Speed, and Peace of Mind that you’re Paying for! Plus, you can watch the entire process, and that’s a cool thing to observe.

So I say “YES” to Remount Shows!

Resetting or Restyling Events are Great. I enjoy them and Highly Recommend them.

See your Local Jewelry Store and Sign up TODAY!

You won’t Regret it!

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