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Are You Loyal To Your Jeweler?

Want to know the secret to getting better prices and better service at a jewelry store?

Become loyal.

It’s true!

Loyalty pays off.

Customers that are loyal get treated better. Is this fair? Well… don’t you treat your friends better than you would a total stranger?

See, we all do it.

It’s just a fact of life.

Customers that are loyal to jewelers are customers that do all their jewelry shopping at that one jewelry store.

They go there to buy rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets. They do all of their customer designs and special orders there. They get their jewelry fixed and repaired there. They get their watch batteries there. All of their cleaning and inspections are done there. It’s all done at one particular jeweler.

Exclusively one.

All their jewelry related business under one roof.

That’s customer loyalty.

And jewelers appreciate this and reward these loyal customers with little extras. Things like: rush repairs, allowing you to charge or order items with no money down, giving you extra discounts, even free watch batteries.

Not to mention free bottles of jewelry cleaner, polishing cloths and free jewelry polishings, cleanings and inspections. It’s just little perks, but it shows their gratitude.

When you find a jeweler that you like, stick with them.


Stop in just to say “Hi“. Find a salesperson that you connect with and deal with them. Get their business card and when you come back, only come back to see them.

People appreciate this.

This is how they make their living. They make commissions on the jewelry they sell and they bend over backwards for people. Who doesn’t like to create great friendships and bonds with people? These friendships even extend beyond the jewelry store. Some of my best friends today started out being clients of mine (in fact 8 of them have).

Loyal customers also have a tendency to send their friends and family to shop with their favorite jeweler as well. It’s not surprising that generations of families come in and shop with one particular establishment. This is what makes the jewelers thrive.

It’s trust and loyalty.

Jewelry is a romantic gift and people like shopping where they feel comfortable and taken care of. It makes the purchase even more meaningful.

Loyalty does work.

Trust me.

Start shopping at one jeweler for everything and see for yourself. Attach yourself to a salesperson that you enjoy talking with and deal with them.

Be restricted.

I have customers joke with me and say “I’m sending you on another vacation to Hawaii!” lol (true true)

But people want to be treated like kings and queens. Service matters. It’s dedication and it’s rewarding.

I call my customers on the phone when I see a new item come in that I think they’ll like. I send them birthday cards and even buy them Christmas gifts. It’s just my way of saying “Thank you!

So if you want to feel special, get better deals, better prices and better service…

Befriend a jeweler.

Bring them your business. They’ll show their appreciation right back.

It’s always wise to deal with the people that make shopping a joy. People that put a smile on your face. After all, this could be a life-long decision. One that will be passed down to your daughters, sons and grandkids.

It all begins with one step


Cheers! :)

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