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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Awesome 1 Carat Radiant Cut Diamond VS2 H GIA Certified For Under $3,000

This Diamond is Not only a High-Quality, Beautiful Diamond, but it’s BIG, it’s Certified, and the Price is DIRT CHEAP!

(For a 1.00 Carat Diamond that is)

It’s a 1.01 Carat Radiant Cut with a Clarity so High, it’ll Knock your Socks off! :)

It’s VS2 Clarity

VS2 is my all Time Favorite Clarity. It’s Very Clean, Very Impressive, and the Few Flaws (As Small as they are), are only Noticeable under 10x Magnification (using a Jeweler’s Loupe or a Microscope).

To the Naked Eye, you’ll see nothing but Sparkle, Brilliance, and Fire!

Take a peek at this Wonderful Stone

Awesome 1 Carat Diamond For Under 3000

The Color of this Diamond is H

H Color is at the High End of the Near Colorless Color Range. It’s Considered “Fine White” and you won’t see any Color, or Yellow in the Stone.

H Color or Higher, are the Best Diamond Colors to Buy!

So not only is this a Huge Diamond, it’s Ultra Clear, White, and Very Bright

Plus, it’s GIA Certified!

GIA is the Best in the Industry. You can’t get Better than that!

With a “Very Good” Polish Grade and a “Very Good” Symmetry Grade, this One Carat Diamond is a WINNER!


The one and only Downfall to this Diamond is the “Faint” Fluorescence Grade.

Fluorescence can sometimes make a Diamond look Weird in Natural Light. Sometimes it could make it look Foggy or Hazy, but that’s Sometimes, and not every Diamond with Fluorescence will look Different.

This Stone has the Least Fluorescence possible, which is “Faint“, so the Affect it would have on a Diamond in Minimal, if any.

And unless you see the Stone with your own eyes, you’ll never know if it Impacts the Beauty and Sparkle of the Stone.

But, a Rating of “Faint” is also why the Price is so LOW, LOW, LOW!

There’s always a Trade off!

And like I said, this Stone could look Perfect to the Naked Eye, there’s only one way to find out… (Plus, Most People would Never Notice it anyway unless it was pointed out to them)

If you’re Looking for a Large Diamond, and a Very Good Deal, then this One Carat Diamond is a STEAL!

It’s Selling for Just $2,880!

Generally for under $3,000 you’d get a Diamond that’s I Clarity (Full of Cracks, Inclusions and Flaws), but NOT with this Stone.

At this Price, Faint Fluorescence or Not, it WON’T LAST LONG!

Usually they’re Sold within HOURS!

My Recommendation

Buy the Stone. View the Stone. Make sure that it Blings and Sparkles and that Fluorescence isn’t a Factor.

James Allen offers a Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you have Nothing to Lose!

Purchase the Diamond TODAY!

Have it Set in a Tiffany, Pave, or Halo Style Mounting and you’ll Not only Save Tons of Money, but you’ll be fully Prepared for that Perfect Proposal!

A VS2 Diamond for Less than $3,000…

YES” is the Only Real Response!

Cheers! :)

14k Wheat Chains

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James Allen

James Allen

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Blue Nile

Blue Nile

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