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Bad News For Bolo Bracelets Rubber Stopper Problems

It’s the Bracelet…

Bolo bracelets are a huge trend right now. Every jeweler across the country carries them.

They’re HOT!

Sizzling hot.

And if you don’t know what a bolo style bracelet is, it’s like a tie-bow that texas rangers wear

Only these Bolos are for your Wrist.

It’s a cute bracelet with an adjustable pulley clasp that allows you to pull them open, and pull them closed.

See examples of bolo bracelets here:

Bolo Bracelets

The Problem is the Pulley

It’s faulty and flimsy, and doesn’t always work.

For just yesterday I had a customer come back into the store with a bolo bracelet she just bought 4 weeks earlier.

The Rubber Stopper was Pulling through the Clasp

The clasp has two holes in it, one for each adjustable dangle, and each hole contains a rubber disc, or stopper, that holds the chain in position.

Well this rubber stopper was coming through the hole and rendering the bracelet useless…

Like so…

Bolo Bracelet Rubber Stopper Pulling Through Clasp

(That’s not the real bracelet, that’s a photoshopped image, but that’s exactly what it was doing. Coming out.)

And here’s the Sad Fact:

It can’t be repaired!

You can’t just push that rubber stopper back into the hole (using tweezers) and except it to work. It probably won’t. That’s because the stopper is now stretched, possibly torn, and certainly misaligned. The odds that you could somehow push it back in and make it work are slim.

So the only things we could do at this point are:

  • Exchange it for another Bolo Bracelet
  • Return it
  • Send it back to the Factory for Fixing
  • Sell her a Different Style of Bracelet

Because bolo’s (it seems), are not meant to last. And that’s sad, because I like the look of these bracelets.

Sure she might have been pulling the dangles wrong (You’re supposed to hold the clasp with one hand: a thumb and finger, and then gently pull the bracelet chain with the other hand to adjust the size). This sounds easy, but not when it’s on your arm. You only have one hand! So you either need someone else to put the bracelet on you, or you just kind of pull the ends and try to adjust it yourself (like she did).

Either option, NOT GOOD!

It makes me very leery about selling them anymore. I see big problems ahead. I have a feeling these bracelets will come and go QUICKLY… For as more and more of them break, and jewelers have to eat them, or have unhappy customers, they’ll stop carrying them.

So if you like this look as well, purchase a similar style of bracelet that will give you a similar look. Something with a real clasp, like the lobster clasp.

Cute Bracelets like these shown below…

Better Made Bracelets To Buy

These style of bracelets have real links, a real clasp, and are built to LAST!

You won’t have an issue with them.

Because in my book, bolos are the hottest fad right now…

But BOLO gets the BIG BOO-HOO!

Cheers! :)

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