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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Baguette Cut Diamonds


Baguettes are Long, Thin Cuts of Diamond.

They are Officially a Step Cut Diamond with only 13 Facets each.

The Word Baguette actually means Little Sticks or Rods.

Baguettes are generally used as Side Stones or Accent Stones in Mountings or Engagement Rings.

Baguettes can be Cut Straight (Straight Baguettes) or Tapered so they’re Shorter on one end (Tapered Baguettes). (See Picture)

The Cut depends really on the Mounting and the Style of Ring. Usually a Straight Channel will hold a Straight Baguette Cut Diamond, while a Curved Channel will hold a Tapered Baguette. Prongs can hold any Shape of Baguette, Straight or Tapered.

Baguettes help give a Ring a Very Clean, Classy and Elegant feel. I Love Baguettes, but there are some Important things you should know about them:

  1. Baguettes are Brittle
  2. Baguettes lack Brilliance
  3. Baguettes get Cloudy

Let’s take a closer look at them…

Baguettes are Brittle

Baguette Cut Diamonds are More Brittle than any other Cut of Diamond. That’s because they are Thin and Narrow (Shallow). A Good Bump, Hit or Strike is all it takes to Damage the Diamond, Break it in Half or Chip a Corner or Edge.

Baguettes are More Vulnerable if the Edge of the Diamond is Exposed to the Outside of the Ring where it can be Bumped more Often.

The Best Type of Mounting to Buy for a Baguette Cut Diamond is one with a Channel or Prongs (that Cover the 4 Corners of the Stone). This helps Protect the Weak Edges and Prolong the Life of the Diamond.

Baguettes Lack Brilliance

Because Baguettes are Step Cut Diamonds (just a Couple of Long Facets on each side), they have Less Light coming from inside the Stone. 13 Facets doesn’t give you a lot to Play with. Not like the Round Diamond (Brilliant Cut) that has 58 Facets.

Less Facets = Less Brilliance and Sparkle!

Brilliance Hides Flaws!

Not only do Baguettes NOT Sparkle much (most of their Light is just Reflected off the Surface of the Stone), but they also Tend to Show Inclusions and Flaws more!

Sparkle is what helps a Diamond Hide its Flaws. The Dazzling Dance of Light Covers up little Imperfections. So when a Stone has Barely any Sparkle, Inclusions can Stand out like a Sore Thumb.

Flaws like Black Carbon Spots can be Seen Pretty Easily with the Naked Eye.

The next time you’re in a Jewelry Store, check it out. If you look closely at Baguettes in any Mounting, you’ll probably see Flaws, Cracks, or Lines in them. This is why it’s important to Buy Baguettes that are at least eye-clean, which is SI Clarity. SI Clarity will keep you from seeing Inclusions in the Stone.

But, do keep in mind, that this is all based upon the Size of the Baguette (the Carat Weight).

If your Baguettes are Very Small, you may not see anything in them no matter what the Clarity is.

The Bigger the Baguettes become, the Easier the Flaws will be Seen.

Baguettes get Cloudy

Because Baguettes Lack Sparkle, they tend to Dull up and look Dirty Pretty Quickly.

Dirt gets Trapped to the Bottom Side of the Baguette, and because the Stone is so Narrow and Transparent, the Dirt Shows Instantly and Makes the Stone Appear Hazy, Foggy, Dark or Cloudy.

You have to Clean Baguettes often to keep them Looking Beautiful. I Advise at least once a Week in order to Keep Debris from Building up.

Clean Baguettes often and they will look 100% Better!

Bottom Line

I Love Baguettes. I Highly Advise Buying them. They really are the Perfect Stone to get for any Channel or Accent Stone.

But, you have to be Careful you don’t Chip the Outer Edges of the Stone and you have to keep them Clean.

If not, your Baguettes will look Dull, Boring and Ugly!


BEFORE you Buy a Mounting or Engagement Ring that has Baguettes in it, use a 10x Jeweler’s Loupe or Microscope to Study the Stones. Look at their Clarity. See if you see any Obvious Flaws, Spots, Cracks or Chips. A lot of times Jewelers Accidentally Chip Baguettes just by Setting them in Rings.

Check them Out!

It only takes a Minute or two to look.

You may be Surprised at what you see!

Cheers! :)

14k Wheat Chains

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