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Best Diamond Shape for a Man's Ring?

This is such a Fascinating Question because it’s not one many think about.

What is the Best Diamond Shape?

Seriously? What Shape of Diamond is the Best Choice for a Gentleman’s Ring?

With so many Cuts of Diamond out there, you’d think the Options would be many. But think again…

Men’s Rings are so Different than Ladies Rings.

Ladies Get ALL the Diamond Shapes!

Ladies’ get to chose from all of the Different Shapes of Diamond like: Brilliant Cut (Round), Marquise Cut, Pear Cut (Tear-Drop Shaped), Emerald Cut, Oval Cut, Trillion Cut (Triangular Shaped), Heart Cut, Radiant Cut, Princess Cut, Cushion Cut and more.

But Diamonds are NOT Equal Opportunity Stones!

That’s Right! How often do you ever see a Man’s Ring with a Heart Shaped Diamond in it?


What about a Marquise Cut? (Long and Skinny with Pointed Ends)

You’d think out of all the Diamond Shapes, Marquise would be a good choice because it’s Shaped like a Football!

But Nope!

Guys Don’t Like It!

You see, Fancy Cuts (All Cuts of Diamond other than the Round) of Diamonds are Mainly for Women’s Jewelry. And not just any Women’s Jewelry, but mostly Women’s Engagement Rings!

When you see a Marquise Cut Diamond in a Ring, it’s always a Lady’s!

Guys don’t want a Ring that looks like an Engagement Ring!

No Way! No How!

No matter how it’s Set, when you see a Fancy Cut Diamond like the Marquise, you think Ladies’ Engagement! And Guys ain’t going there!

I have yet to see a Men’s Ring design that could pull off a Fancy Cut Diamond and still look Manly.

But… (You knew there was a BUT coming…)

Even though a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond is the Ultimate, Classic and Best Shape of Diamond for a Man’s Ring

There is ONE More!

The Princess Cut!

The Princess Cut?


(Some Men won’t wear it just Because of the Name!)

Now the Princess Cut Diamond is a Square (Or slightly Rectangular) Shaped Diamond that Defies Categorizing. It crosses the Boundary lines between Men’s and Ladies’ Rings. The Princess Cut Diamond IS a Fancy Shaped Diamond, but because of it’s Square Shape, it actually Works Well in a Man’s Ring, and keeps it still keeps it’s Masculine Edge as well.

Hurray for Being Square!

So the only 2 Diamond Shapes that are Recommended for a Man’s Ring are: Brilliant Cut (Round) or Princess Cut (Square) (See Picture!)

Ditch all the other Oddball Shapes! Throw them out the Window! Don’t even think about Ovals or Hearts! And what ever you do, don’t put Baguettes in a Man’s Ring either!

Why NOT Baguettes?

Baguettes are Thin, Little, Diamond Sticks that just don’t look right in a Man’s Ring. They tend to look too Dainty, Delicate, and Feminine. Plus, they Dull up Quickly and CHIP Easily!

Not Cool for a Rough, Rugged, Man’s Ring!

So Stick to Round or Square and you won’t have to Worry if your Masculine Ring is Masculine Enough!

Cheers! :)

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