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The Best Jewelry Gifts To Ever Buy

Looking for the perfect gift?

Something that’s classic, timeless, always in-style?

Well, after working in the jewelry industry for 29 years, I can honestly tell you that there are 2 main types of jewelry gifts that you can give her, that will always be ideal, she’ll always love it, and it’ll fit any pocketbook or personality

Two Grand Items…

Out of the entire jewelry store, these 2 things make the ultimate gifts:

Pendants and Earrings

(And of course, diamond is the hottest gemstone)

Hands down, nothing else compares to popularity (other than an engagement ring).

For many reasons too:

  • Variety – There’s just so many different styles, colors, shapes; dangles, studs, matching… you name it, you’ll find it.
  • Price – Any price range you want, there’s a pair or a pendant. Because let’s face it, who wants to buy a pendant that breaks the bank?
  • Practical – Pendants and earrings get worn. A lot. More than any other type of jewelry (bracelets, anklets, brooches, piercings). Women always wear earrings, no matter what. And if there’s a v-neck, there’s a necklace. The only other items that get worn more; her wedding ring, and possibly a wrist watch.

Earrings and pendants are the core of the industry.

It’s everyday jewelry that compliments any outfit. And with a change of seasons, women will want and need plenty of bling to mix and match any attire. Colors, styles, drops, chokers, gemstones…

Women always want more!

And between the two; earrings are still the #1 choice. White gold, rose gold, yellow gold, silver… It’s usually diamond studs (and if she already has a pair, get her a bigger pair), then hoops, drops…

But really, they all look beautiful:

Diamonds really are the perfect gemstone, for any occasion; holiday, birthday, graduation, Valentine’s day, Christmas, Anniversary…

Earrings Are The Number One Jewelry Gift

A non-committal gift that’s great for “likes” and “loves”. Girlfriends, mothers, daughters, fiances, spouses… Any of the women in your life.

Pendants bring it all together. They compliment your ears, make a dramatic display, and grabs all eyes.

Pendants Make One Of The Best Jewelry Gifts Ever

Excellent gifts that sparkle and bling

Only one thing is BETTER…

Matching sets.

Matching Pendant And Earrings Combo Jewelry Set

Stunning, right?

Plus, you can always buy the set, give her the pendant now, and save the matching earrings for the next gift giving spectacle.

Buy them all HERE:

And that’s the best stress-free gifts you can buy!

Other than a big diamond (like these 2 carat diamonds here! WOW! Now that’s a gift!)

Cheers! :)

Jewelry Secrets Author

Author Richard Scott. Certified Diamontologist and Gemologist. 30 years of experience.

Let Richard help you choose the best diamond, the most dazzling engagement ring, and save as much money as possible. Read more about the author here. Follow Richard on social media; Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. Contact Richard Scott here.

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