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Bezel Set or Partial Bezel Set

Jewelers are always throwing Jewelry Terms around that make customers Scratch their Heads.

One Mounting is called a Bezel-Set Mounting (Or as Tiffany likes to call them: Bezet), and another is called a Partial Bezel-Set Mounting.

What’s the Difference?

Is one Better than the other?

Should You Even Care?

Yes You Should Care!

There is a Difference, and in my Opinion, One IS better than the Other.

Let’s look at the Reasons Why…

Bezel Mountings

Bezel-Set Mountings are Mountings that have Stones set into them without Heads or Prongs. Bezel Setting is having a Solid Wall of Gold (or Platinum) around the Outer Edge of the Diamond (See Picture – Wall Sizes and Thicknesses will vary from Ring to Ring). That Wall actually Creates a Snug Fit for the Diamond or Gemstone to set into. Then the Top Lip of the Bezel is Folded Down Over the Edge of the Diamond. That Lip is what actually Holds the Diamond into the Mounting.

Bezel Protection

Not only does that lip of Gold hold your Diamond or Gem into Place, but it also Protects the Outer, Fragile Edge of your Stones. Once set, It keeps them from Chipping or Breaking (Even though Jewelers can Break the Outer Edge of your Diamond while trying to set it into this Type of Mounting to Begin with! Go Figure!)

Bezel Set Mountings are Great for setting your Diamond Low into the Mounting. And because it doesn’t have any Prongs or Heads or Beads, there’s nothing to get Caught on or Snagged on with your Clothes (A Big Reason Why People Love Them!)

Bezel Setting is a Very Clean, Modern Looking Mounting, that’s Classy, Elegant, and Very Protective.

Nurses LOVE them!

Nurses love these Types of Settings because they don’t have High Heads or Prongs that can Scratch or Harm their Patients. SWEET!

But there is Something Better…

That of course is…

Partial Bezel-Set Mountings

Partial Bezel Settings are just like Bezels, but with only Half the Bezel!

It works just like a Full Bezel does in every way, but only using Half the Metal. The Bezel Wall only Folds over 2 Ends of the Diamond as the photo shows.

Partial Bezel Setting your Diamonds is Great for a couple of Main Reasons:

  • There’s no Prongs or Heads to get Caught!
  • It lets more Light into your Diamond and makes your Diamond Sparkle more
  • It makes your Diamond look Larger because you can still see the Outer Edge of your Diamond
  • It makes it Easier to Clean underneath your Diamond so it doesn’t Dull up

Downfalls to Full Bezels

That’s one of the Biggest Downfalls to a Full Bezel Setting. Full Bezels Cover up ALL of the Outside Edge of the Diamond and make it look SMALLER (Sometimes up to 20% Smaller!)

So in my book, I would always Suggest going with Partial Bezel Set Mountings!

Granted, having some of your Diamond’s Edge Exposed as in the Partial Settings, may make it Easier to Chip or Break, but the Added Brilliance and Sparkle it gives, and the Larger Appearance will certainly outweigh the difference.

P.S. Which also is a Great Reminder to ALWAYS Get it Insured!

I Love Partial Bezel Settings

They look Cool, they Work Well, and it shows off your Diamond Better.

So if you Bezel-Set your Stone, check out Partial Bezels…

You’ll be Happy you did, and that’s not being too Partial!

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