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The Best Chains to Ever Buy
Bigger Better Cheaper Diamonds

Shopping for the perfect diamond can be an endless experience…

Because you will always find a better diamond.


You will find a diamond that will either be better quality, a bigger carat weight, or even a cheaper price. There will always be a diamond that is better.

Better diamonds:

Say for instance, you find a 1.00 Carat, VS1 clarity, F color diamond for an awesome price of $7,300 (price obtained through James Allen at the time of this post). Then you find another diamond somewhere else that is 1.00, VS1, F for $6,900.

But wait…

Here is another diamond for $6,200… See, it could drive you nuts.

The more you shop and compare, the more frustrated and confused you become.

This diamond is 1.50, SI2, H, $7,000… But this other diamond is 1.50 SI1, I, $7,000… Same carat weight, one grade higher in clarity, but one grade lower in color… ???

See, it’s a never ending battle.

No diamond is perfect either.

What makes it so difficult, is the fact that there is no diamond that is absolutely perfect. Something with the diamond can always be better (even if the diamond is perfect (or Flawless), you can always get a better price), a bigger stone… It’s a give or take with diamonds. You gain one thing, but sacrifice another.

You could shop for 20 years and always find a diamond that’s better. And then, even if you did decide to go back and get that perfect diamond… it could already be sold (which always happen). Good diamonds don’t stick around. Then you’re back at square one…

So set yourself some guidelines.

What you need to do is to set yourself a plan to follow. Choose the cut, color, clarity and carat weight you want. Choose the price range that you’re comfortable with. When you find a diamond that fits these qualifications, write it all down. Make note of it. Then go to the next store. See if they have a comparable diamond.

Do this all over town at different jewelers, both independent and corporate. Narrow it down to a few select diamonds (doing this in as short of time frame as possible). Otherwise you’ll take your chances that the jewelry store will sell the diamond you love.

The deciding factor:

What should make or break the deal?


The beauty of a diamond is in the sparkle, regardless of the quality you choose. It must have life and light.

Otherwise, it’s not worth it!

Buy from a store that you like and trust. And make sure you shop online with James Allen or Blue Nile.

They have way better prices than any mall store, you’ll literally save THOUSANDS!

Once you finally choose a diamond: Stop looking.

Some people have the habit of continuing to look at diamonds to see if they really did get the best deal or if there’s a better diamond out there…

Don’t do it!

You will only depress yourself.

Because, like I said, there will always be one better. Once you commit to a diamond, stick to it and be happy with your purchase. Life is too short to regret your decisions. And if you’re not totally set upon the stone, keep looking.

There will always be an opportunity in your future to purchase another diamond: anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas… There are many special occasions and events, and there will always be more diamonds, better diamonds, and diamonds to upgrade.

Bigger, better, cheaper diamonds.

Find a diamond that you love. Buy it!

Enjoy it.

Otherwise, you’ll drive yourself mad. You’ll look for years, and you will never find the perfect stone.

So buy that diamond today!

Cheers! :)

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