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Bulky Thick Rings Hurt Fingers

This is something that most people don’t think about when purchasing a wedding band…


Sort of like The HULK… It’s the thickness of the ring, the band, the shank that’s the problem. Now I’m not talking about the width of the ring (i.e. 2mm, 6mm, 10mm), I’m talking about how thick it is, the depth of the band.

People try on rings, fall in love with them, take them home…

And find out they HURT!

Especially when someone shakes their hand.

Thick High Dome Bulky Rings Hurt

Many of these thick, bulky rings are comfort fit. Comfort fit is where the inside of the band is slightly curved, or domed, to make it feel more comfortable when wearing a ring (Regular fit bands are flat on the inside and often have a sharp edge that digs into your skin). Comfort fit bands are awesome and make up the majority of rings you see on the market.

But it’s not the inside curve that’s hurting, it’s the dome on the outside. When the band is high domed, or sits up really high on the sides, your fingers will push into this metal and it can really smart.

Compare a Regular Ring vs a High Dome Ring below

Regular Ring vs Thick High Dome Comfort Fit Band

The high dome is a nice thick ring. The great thing about such a heavy piece is that it’s virtually indestructible. It’ll last forever. All it needs is a slight polish every now and then and it can withstand a tornado.


Many guys and gals can wear a thick ring and have no problems with them. Maybe they have more padding on the sides of their fingers, maybe their fingers have more of a gap between them, maybe it just feels fine and doesn’t bother them in the least.

But others; OUCH!

You pick something up, you shake hands, the skin of your fingers gets squished together and the ring pushes up against your bones

I used to have a DM that would shake my hand so hard it would make me yelp (those vise-grip hand shakers). It got to the point where I removed my ring before I shook his hand. Silly, but effective.

So is there a Solution?

Is there a way to make a bulky ring less bulky?


A Jeweler may be able to reduce some of that bulk on the sides of the ring… But only if it’s plain and solid. They can gently file and polish away some of the ring… But if the ring has a design (etched pattern), prongs, gemstones, or anything on the sides of the ring, there’s no way to thin it down. That’s the way it was made, and that’s the way it will stay.

Sure they might be able to file some metal away on the inside of the band, but that generally doesn’t affect the overall thickness, or dome on the outside, nor how it will feel on the hand.

And thinning down the ring could harm the integrity, durability, and support of the ring. In other words, it could ruin or weaken it! And it could even expose pits or cavities in the metal. And those don’t look good, and can’t be fixed, either.

So the only option is…

To either speak with a jeweler about the thickness of the ring, or more than likely, look at different rings that feel better on your fingers. They might be able to reset your stones into a new mounting, or custom design something similar that won’t crack your bones.


So the next time you’re trying on wedding rings, anniversary bands, bridal rings, eternity bands, even engagement rings, smush your fingers together and see how the ring feels on the sides of your fingers. If it’s thick and bulky, you may want to pass on that style.

Cheers! :)

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