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I Love Waiting on Couples that have been Married for a Long, Long Time; 25, 30, 50 years or so. It’s Amazing to me.

Amazing that they would Stay Together that Long without Killing each other! LOL :)

A Question

One thing I like to Ask these Love Birds is this:

What’s the Secret to Staying Married so Long?

I get some Pretty Interesting Responses.

Just Nod your Head and say ‘Yes Dear‘”



Long Distant Relationships

Separate Bedrooms

You never know what you’ll Hear.

But one thing is True…

They are still in Love. Still Smiling. Still Happy. And of course…

Still Buying Diamonds

Even after 25 years, the Joy of Buying a Bigger and Better Diamond Never Seems to Vanish.

Some Ladies say they’ve Waited all their Lives for “The Real” Diamond (Meaning a Large one).

25 Years for an Upgrade?

Seems like an Awfully long time to me. Especially Since…

It will Last her Forever!

That’s why I Always Advise Young Guys to Buy an Engagement Ring with as Large of a Center Stone as they can Afford NOW. Good Quality of course. Because this one Diamond may have to Last her for the next 50 Years (Forever).

So what if it’s a Little Bit More of a Purchase than you were thinking. It might be a Struggle. But is a Couple of More Bucks really going to make that much of a Difference over the course of a Lifetime? Probably Not. Most Guys Finance the Diamond anyway…

But I tell you what, She would get that Bigger Diamond Now. And trust me, She Wants a Bigger Diamond. All Women Do.

Just look at her Face Light up when she sees a Large Rock. Look at her Smile when she sees them in the Showcase. Girls Love Big Diamonds. A Big Diamond is the Ultimate Dream Come True.

Diamond Prices

A Big Diamond is usually considered a One Carat Diamond or Larger. Prices for a One Carat (1.00 points) will Range from $999 all the way up to $10,000 or more. It all Depends on the Quality.

A Diamond of GOOD Quality (SI1, G-H) is probably going to put you in the $4,500 – $6,000 Range (depending on Cut and Certification).

That’s not really much when you consider the fact that she’ll Wear it everyday for the Rest of her Life.

Plus, look at how much you Drop into a Vehicle. $30,000? What does a Vehicle last you? 10 Years, 20 at the most?

Why Wait?

$6,000 into a Diamond Ring is Not Such a Bad Investment. Diamonds are the only thing you could Spend your Money on that will literally Look Brand New Forever. Divide $6,000 up into 50 years… it comes out to Nothing!

Diamonds hold Power, Love, and Sentimental Value. They are an Appreciation and Representation of your Love. Do you really want to make her Wait 25 years for it? 50 Years?

Doesn’t she Deserve that now? While you’re still Young Enough to Enjoy it? I say, find a way to make that Dream Come True. Sell Stuff on Ebay! A One Carat Diamond really is to Die for.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality

If you want to Knock her Socks off, Buy her a Big Diamond. Just don’t Sacrifice Quality in the Long Run.

Here’s something else to Consider…

When Women get their Engagement Ring, they never want to Part with it. So even if you did Plan to give her a Smaller one now and Upgrade it Later, it usually Never happens that way. Women don’t Part with their Original Diamond. This is another reason to DO IT NOW! What ever you give her will probably be Forever!

Is saying “Yes Dear” really the Secret to a Happy Marriage?

Or is it the Size of the Stone?

We may never know. But I do know that when she finally gets that Rock on her Finger, she’ll be Smiling from Ear to Ear.

The Bigger the Rock, the Bigger the Smile.

Size Does Matter!

Don’t make her Wait 25 years for that Smile.

Do it Today!

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