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Buying Single Diamond Stud Earrings

I had a couple approach me at the diamond earring case.

The woman says to me, “I want a single diamond stud for my extra hole.”


The man turns to her and says, “Extra hole? How many holes do you have?”

She snaps him a look and says, “Three! How long you been married to me?

Needless to say, she bought a single diamond stud earring and her husband dug himself a new hole.

Everyone loves studs:

Single diamond stud earrings turn your ears into a work of art. It’s crazy. It’s different. It’s allowing people to get creative and come up with daring bold looks.

You see, it used to be we would only see single diamond studs on men.

Guys would buy one diamond stud and put it in their left ear (at that time it was to indicate that they were straight).

But now, times have changed. Now we see men buying not only one single diamond stud, but a pair of diamond studs for both ears. Wow! A lot of people may frown on this, but it just goes to show you how accepting younger people are and how young adults are using jewelry, tattoos and clothing as a visual and personal statement.

Graduate them:

Many women buy single diamonds (like my customer above) and graduate them up the ear. They’ve actually been doing this for years and it’s a wonderful look. Going from biggest to smallest, the diamonds curve up and around the ear in a dazzling stream of light.

More and more people are putting a stud at the top of their ears too, and of course we still see those single earrings being put through the nose and eyebrows… Ouch!

Studs in all the wrong places:

I’ve seen diamond studs in belly buttons, the cheek, and other more discreet body parts that diamonds are sticking out of. People are getting body piercings, and with the popularity, single studs are showing up everywhere.

So if it’s a change of pace you’re looking for, going through a mid-life crisis, or just wanting some more sparkle in your step, then seriously look into single earrings.

They’re affordable, fun, and with all the different sizes of diamonds available, you’re sure to get a great new style.

See some beautiful single diamond studs HERE!

Cheers! :)

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