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Best Time To Buy Birthstone Jewelry

The best time of the year to buy a birthstone (gemstone of that month) is to buy it during that birthday month, or the previous month.

So if you want to buy a peridot (birthstone for august), do your shopping either in august, or july.

Why buy at only certain times of the year?

Gemstone stock:

The best stock only comes in at certain times of the year. That’s when you’ll also get the best deals.

Let’s take a closer look…

To start off, you must know that jewelers have limited room in their showcases, which also means they have limited stock (and limited money as well).

Precious gems:

Most jewelers will only carry what’s necessary to have a good variety of gemstones. The big 3 precious gems (ruby, sapphire and emerald) will always take up more room in the showcase (so if these are your birthstones, you’re in good luck).

Semi precious gems:

Other gems (semi-precious), get a little scarce throughout the year. In march, you may only find a couple of pieces of peridot (august’s birthstone). Aquamarine (march) may be harder to locate in july. See how this goes?

Jewelers will normally order and stock gems for the upcoming month to accommodate all of those happy birthday shoppers. These customers will come into the jewelry store looking for a birthday gift and will naturally gravitate towards birthstone jewelry.

Plus, that’s about the time when all the jewelry fliers and sale ads go out showcasing all of the new birthstone items.

Popular gems:

There are some gems though, that are more popular than others. Those stones will always have a little bit better stock. Like amethyst for example (purple stone for february – See image). At anytime of the year you’ll probably find a good supply of these stones. Same goes with blue topaz (december’s stone). Stones that are popular and inexpensive are always more abundant.

And if your birthstone is diamond (april), well then the whole store is yours for the picking.

Aquamarine, peridot and citrine (november yellow stone – see image) may be slim pickings. Garnet (january) is an in between stone. Garnet sells well and can usually be found readily throughout the year.

Zircon is scarce. Alexandrite (genuine) is non-existent (go with created alexandrite instead).

And tanzanite (december) is just a great, exotic stone that can be found in all jewelry stores pretty much all year long.

Buying birthstones around their month (or previous) might work out better than expected as well… Because this is when the sales begin.

30% off all birthstone jewelry” is a common thing to find.

So the next time you think “Gee, I’d like some matching earrings for my pendant…

You may have to wait until your birthday.

Cheers! :)

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