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Buying Cheap Diamond Engagement Rings

All you Practical Guys that are looking for a Cheap Diamond Engagement Ring, listen up:

I Can Cut Your Costs in Half!

That’s Right!


Good! Because if you’re Cheap and looking to Save Money, here’s what you should buy…

Buy an Illusion

Not Magic, just an Illusion. You see, in the Old Days Big Diamond Rings and Big Wallets were Quite Rare. She’d be Lucky to get a Third of a Carat (.33). Back then, that was a lot of Money. (Today it’d be Considered Cheap!)

So Jewelers came up with Fancy Ways of Setting those Diamonds to make them Look Bigger and Better than they really were. Plus it Cut the Cost down as well, and that was a Good thing!

They Created what is called the…

Illusion Head

The reason they’re called “Illusion Head” is because it gave the “Illusion” that the Diamond was Bigger.

An Illusion Head is a Tall White Gold Head that holds a White Gold Plate. In the Center of the Plate is a Hole. That Hole is what your Diamond sits in. Grooves and Prongs on the Plate Enhance the Look, so at First Glance, the Entire Head Looks Like One Big Diamond. (See Picture) Only when you get closer do you see that the Tiny Spec in the Center of the Plate is the Actual Diamond. (Psych!)

Trio Sets

Trio Set Engagement Rings (Scream Cheap) were a Very Common Ring that used Illusion Heads. It was built for people that wanted a Bigger Bang for Less Buck!

Today, the Illusion Head lives on in many different Forms and Styles. Jewelers have updated the “Illusion” and turned that Head into Many Diamonds! Modern Illusions of Big Diamonds, are made up of Smaller Diamonds, put together like a Puzzle. They’re Beautiful, they’re Diamond, and they’re Cheaper! And still, they have made this “Illusion” Style even CHEAPER!

Cheaper Illusion Heads

Now they even have Pave Set Illusion Heads where the entire Head is nothing but Little Tiny Diamonds. See Here: Trio Set Illusion Head Rings

Crazy eh?

Unique Styles

Lately more Unique Rings have hit the Market, featuring Big Diamond looks with more Diamonds. Some have up to 8 or 16 Diamonds. And they’re venturing into Different Cuts and Shapes as well. Special Cuts like Marquise Shaped Illusion Heads. They’re doing Clever things with Bigger, Bolder, Modern Techniques.

So if you’re looking for a Cheap Engagement Ring, (Or if you prefer “Less Expensive“) look into Illusion Heads and Illusion Style Diamond Rings. Multiple Diamonds that are supposed to look like one Big Rock are in your local Jewelry Store Selling for Cheap Prices. Some Jewelry Stores call these Styles “Invisible Set” Diamonds.

To me, it’s just a Unique Spin to the Same Old Problem:

Saving Money!

And that’s No Easy Trick!

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