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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The Best Chains to Ever Buy

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Fake Pandora Charm Bead Knockoffs

Pandora charm bracelets are everywhere.

Everyone has them, everyone sells them. You can even buy them on eBay. Which is where our adventure begins…

True story:

Let me introduce you to “Sally”. Sally saw these beautiful Pandora beads up for auction on eBay

The title of the auction read: “10 new authentic Pandora beads and charms.” She saw that the auction was ending soon and placed a bid on them. She won the auction and the beads for only $139. What a steal. She paid for the item immediately and was happy and giddy with joy. What a find.

Luck was on her side…

She eagerly awaited a week for the package to arrive. When it did, she was even more excited (like a kid at Christmas time). Her Pandora beads looked awesome, bright, colorful, she just loved them. Take a look at her winnings below…(and yes, these really are what she bought! – I snagged them from her so I could photograph them).

Fake Pandora Charm Beads on Bracelet

She wore her bracelet that night so she could show off her new charms. A co-worker looked at them, shook her head and said:

“Those aren’t real Pandora beads.”

What?” Sally responded. “There’s no way…

“They’re too small. Here, look at the difference.” The co-worker laid her official Pandora charm bracelet side by side with Sally’s replica. “You see, the beads are way too small. Plus, they don’t even say Pandora on the side of them.

Sure enough, it was true.

The beads were fake.

The beads were made poorly. They looked globby and out of proportion compared to the real Murano beads. The glass was filled with debris and black specks. The silver end caps were falling off and already tarnishing… They just looked cheap and junky (compare the two below).

Fake Pandora Beads

Sally was devastated. It seemed like such a good deal at the time. Plus, it was sold on eBay, she though that would make it credible. Think again. Now she just felt taken. Ripped off. Let down.

She went back to eBay and filed a complaint. The title of the auction absolutely read “10 new authentic Pandora beads and charms.

What a lie.

On further inspection of the description, way down towards the bottom she finally saw “bew beads are ‘Pandora style’ and will fit on any Pandora bracelet.” WRONG! Not cool. The title was very misleading, devious and false. And unless you read every word of the long description you would have certainly missed that little disclaimer as well.

eBay agreed with Sally and ruled in her favor.

It was a scam.

In the end, the guy reluctantly returned her money. But then he did something really crazy… He left her good feedback and told her to keep the charms. lol Why? Because he wanted her to leave him good feedback as well. Ha. Wrong again.

This scenario is one that many dread (even though this time it worked out in Sally’s favor).

No one wants to get ripped off.

So, how is one supposed to know? How do you know if it’s official Pandora merchandise or not? Easy…

You buy it from an authorized Pandora dealer.

Plus you look for the Pandora logo on the side of their charms. Easy as that. If Sally had known this before, it would have saved her a lot of grief, headache and time.

We can all learn from Sally’s experience.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be cautious of buying any jewelry that is second hand goods. You never know what you’re getting. Pandora? Fake? (Be careful, wearing fakes will also void your Pandora bracelet warranty.)

It’s your choice, your money, and your warranty.

Charming, eh?

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