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Can You Identify These Diamonds Guessing Game

Let’s Play a Game…

I’ll show you diamonds, magnified, close-up (at 20x magnification), and your job is to determine the quality.

It’s a great way to test your ability to judge a diamond’s features.

The Things to Determine are:

  • CUT

You won’t need to worry about Carat Weight, since I’ll be using all 1.00 Carat diamonds (within a couple of points or so… from James Allen).

So let’s get started…

1) Guess This Diamond Quality:

Can you figure out what quality this particular stone is, and how much it might sell for? Take you best educated guess, and NO PEEKING AHEAD! (Because if you’re here guessing, I’m assuming you know something about diamonds or quality… Or at least want to learn.)

Can You Identify This Diamond Quality

Difficult? Or Not?

I’ll give you a few hints before I show you the answer

  • The Inclusions are Eye-Clean
  • The Color is “White”
  • The Cut is Really Nice
  • The Price is Above Average

And, before we go on, if you want to re-familiarize yourself with the 4C’s grading scales, then take a peek at these regarding color, clarity and cut:

Diamond Color Chart

Diamond Clarity Chart

Diamond Cut Grading Chart

Better? Ready for the Answers?

The true quality, color, cut, clarity and price of this diamond are SI1, H:

Diamond SI1 H Excellent 1 CT Round
(See this diamond here)

SI1 diamonds are beautiful diamonds, with inclusions that are not visible to the human eye (unless you microscope them), and you don’t spend an arm and a leg for them either. They’re very popular stones that look great, have lots of sparkle, and are middle ground (not the best, not the worst, a nice average quality).

Ready for Another Test?

Good. Feast your eyes on this…

2) Guess This Diamond Quality:

Can You Identify This Diamond Quality 2

Want some Hints?

  • It’s Near-Colorless
  • The Clarity makes up 1/2 the Market
  • The Cut is Fairly Good
  • The Price is GREAT!

So what Quality is it?

I1, J… Take a peek at this…

Diamond I1 J Very Good 1 CT Round

It’s true. Half the diamonds you see in stores today have eye-visible flaws in them, like the diamond shown above. Some have so many that not only are they quite apparent (“There’s a black spot in my diamond!”), but they stop light, and make the diamond dull and dark (very little sparkle).

The color of this diamond is an average color (Near Colorless). But many times J will face up a little yellow-ish (especially when compared to a truly “white” stone).

But hey, look at that price. You can’t beat that!

Let’s try one more…

3) Guess This Diamond Quality:

Can You Identify This Diamond Color Cut Clarity And Price

Ready for the Clues?

  • It has a Very Rare Clarity
  • The Color is my Favorite
  • The Cut is the Best there is
  • The Price is NOT CHEAP!

Want to know what it is?

I bet you do…

It’s a top of the line, VVS1, E…

Diamond VVS1 E True-Hearts 1 CT Round

True Hearts means it not only has an “Excellent” cut grade, but it’s also “Excellent” in both Polish and Symmetry (which creates those lovely Hearts and Arrows pattern).

It’s Phenomenal!

Ultra-rare, impressive clarity, top-notch cut, pure white in Color (E), bright, white, and a price that gives you all that: The best cut of diamond on Earth!

The things to Learn here are:

They beauty of a diamond is not in what the actual paperwork says, but what it looks like visibly. Some low-quality diamonds look wonderful and have tons of sparkle. Some don’t.

Every diamond is unique in nature, just like people. We all have identifying marks that tell us apart (moles, birthmarks, freckles). Things that make us different and let’s face it, some do look better than others.

The more you view diamonds, from one range to another, the better you’ll get at guessing the clarity and color (or at least getting in the ballpark), and by judging the symmetry and cut. By doing so, you’ll be able to compare stones easier, understand why one diamond is priced 3 times higher, and be able to choose a diamond that matches your pocketbook better.

SI1 clarity diamonds, with G-H (considered “fine white“) are a staple of the industry.

It’s the Most Popular Diamond there is.

But, on top of that, I would recommend you get the best cut you can (“Excellent“). That’s what really makes a diamond stand out and sparkle like a thousand stars in the sky.

It’s all about CUT!

Just like these diamonds HERE at James Allen!

Stunning diamonds, that are affordable (compare them with any found in mall jewelry stores), GIA certified (the best diamond report there is), and you can view the diamonds close up and see what’s inside, before you buy it. And that’s the only way you should truly buy a diamond (Especially for an engagement ring).

Thanks for Guessing…

I hope you enjoyed this. I did!

If you want more, let me know in the comments below.

Cheers! :)

Jewelry Secrets Author

Author Richard Scott. Certified Diamontologist and Gemologist. 30 years of experience.

Let Richard help you choose the best diamond, the most dazzling engagement ring, and save as much money as possible. Read more about the author here. Follow Richard on social media; Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. Contact Richard Scott here.


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