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Change The Rubber O-Ring Gasket In Your Watch

The gasket…

It’s the thin circle of rubber that surrounds the lip of your watch back case. Also known as the O-ring, or rubber washer.

It has one main purpose:

To seal water out.

Just like the gasket on a faucet, these gaskets will eventually erode, wear down, and break. Meaning, your waterproof (or water resistant watch) is prone to water damage.

And any kind of water or moisture that gets inside your watch, will rust and ruin your movement (watch guts).

So do me a favor, when you change your watch battery, double check the condition of the gasket.

  • It should be a circle, not oval.
  • It should be flexible, not dry or brittle.
  • It should be symmetrical. Meaning, the same thickness all the way around. There shouldn’t be areas that are flattened or uneven.
  • And of course, it should be whole, with no breaks or tears.

If your gasket is old, worn, or broken, it needs to be replaced.

To find what size of gasket you need, use a mm gauge and measure the outside lip of your case back. The gasket should be that size, or a tad bit smaller to fit snugly. If you don’t have a gauge, then simplify it; buy an assortment of watch gaskets, and find the one that fits your watch.

Wrist Watch O-RIng Rubber Seal Gasket Washer

Just be careful when tightening the case back onto your watch, for you don’t want to snap the gasket, or have it squirm out of the watch.

Slow and steady usually works best to reseal your watch, and not have to worry about water.

See all of the watch tools and gaskets here on Amazon.

Cheers! :)

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