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People are crazy!

Either people are crazy, or people are trying to drive me crazy. I haven’t decided which one yet.

Forgive me while I rant, but it’s actually pretty funny.

This woman and her friend come into the jewelry store to shop around. In the process the one says:

“Can you clean my ring?”

I say “Sure” (there’s nothing better than clean jewelry).

I put her ring in the ultrasonic cleaner, clean it, scrub it, and bring it back out.

She looks at how clean it is with all the beautiful sparkles. She gets excited and says “Can you clean my other ring?” She hands me that ring now.

No problem!

Do you see where this is headed?

Anymore?” I ask her slyly looking at her hands and arms.

No,” she says. Silly laugh, “That’s it!

I go back. Clean it. Scrub it. Steam it. Bring it back out.

She smiles.

“I forgot about my earrings.”

She hands them over to me.

I now smile and laugh a little. I keep that smile planted firmly on my face as I walk back to the shop… AGAIN!

(crazy is just around the corner…)

Sonic, scrub, steam, back out

This is about the time that her friend pipes in and says “Oh, can you clean mine too?

Silent scream!

She’s been there and listening the entire time…

I’m losing my mind.

Dear customers: Can’t you clean all your items at once?

Is it really necessary to clean one ring at a time? Come on! When you walk into the jewelry store just hand them all over; rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants… I’ll clean them all at the same time. They’ll be sparkling new. You’ll love them.

But, 1 ring at a time???


I know what it is. It’s the dazzle. The jewelry cleaning curse… You see, cleaning jewelry is contagious. Addictive. It hypnotizes us. You see it bling and want more. Nothing wrong with that. All those little sparkles sink in…

“It’s stunning!”

This beauty reminds you of your other rings, bracelets, anklets, and nose rings…

But, when we ask you about cleaning this stuff, hand them over.

Because if I hear:

“Oops, one more thing…”

I’m going to, well… I’m not going to do anything. But, I’m surely going to think it.

And trust me. You don’t want to know where I’m thinking about cleaning your jewelry.

Ker-flush! One ring at a time.

LMAO… Hence the smile!

Buy your ultrasonic cleaner or steam cleaner here.

Cheers! :)

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