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Compare And Review CZ Diamond Simulant Stud Earrings


With so many CZ; Cubic Zirconia stud earrings (a.k.a. diamond simulants) on the market, I thought I’d do a comparison and review.

So I picked 4 different pairs that were best sellers, all the same carat weight (1.50 ct; a big carat weight, so they should give me a big look). And some even had intriguing names like “Stunning Flame“, “Hearts & Arrows“, and “Pure Brilliance“. I had to have a closer look.

P.S. It’s important to note that this was not a paid review, I bought these from my own pocket just to compare them.

So let’s see…

CZ Stud Earring Purchase

I got them within a couple of days (Thanks to Prime)…

4 Pairs Of CZ Stud Earrings
And the first pair, is truly a classic

CZ Stud Pair #1

Classic CZ Studs 14K Gold

This pair of classic CZ’s are set in solid 14kt white gold (not sterling silver), and the diamond simulants were very shiny, very white, and looked good to the eye. They also measured correctly; 6mm (which is .75ct per earring, totaling 1.50 carat weight between the two).

They had great sparkle and brilliance, but upon further inspection (with a 10x jeweler’s loupe), I could see that both stones were actually chipped (not noticeable to the bare eye). One had a chip directly on the culet, the other had a nick on a top-crown facet. :(

Plus, the Mountings were Weak!

They were very light weight and thin (You could probably bend them just trying to get them in your ear lobes). The backs were so fragile and wimpy, they wouldn’t last long, nor hold much.

Nothing about them felt strong or secure. But, what can you expect for solid gold? Gold is expensive and won’t affect your ears like sterling silver will (allergies), so you get what you pay for.

If the mountings and backs were a tad bit thicker (even if it drove the price up a little), I would have loved them.

Classic CZ Stud Earrings

Something else…

They came with no box! Which isn’t a big deal, but they did have a white pouch to store them in (Which is why I photographed them on a black background instead (like the others), so you can fully compare their sparkle).

Classic 14k White Gold CZ Stud Earrings

CZ Stud Pair #2

The second pair of cz’s had fun martini-style mountings (which I loved).

Stunning Flame CZ Studs

They were 6mm as well, had good fire and brilliance, but didn’t appear as white as the first pair. They were darker inside (when put side by side with the others).

Dubbed “Stunning Flame“, these cz’s were sparkly, had a lot of fire (colored light, which cz’s are known for), and were set in 18k gold plated mountings (although they were just stamped s925).

The posts were thin, the backs were weak and flimsy.

See them here…

Stunning Flame CZ Stud Earrings

Stunning Flame CZ Earrings

The curved mountings felt good against the ear, but the fragile posts and backs didn’t look so appealing.

They did come with a polishing cloth though, which no other pair did. BONUS!

CZ Stud Pair #3

These diamond-look-alikes were HUGE…

Hearts And Arrows CZ Studs

But that’s because I made one mistake while ordering… I ordered 1.50 carat EACH EAR! (Which is 3.00 carats total weight). Most places list studs as a total weight (not individually), so when they arrived, I saw they were double the size of the others. I goofed up (which means, don’t make the same mistake I did, read what the total weights are per ear).


Not only were the studs enormous (knock your socks off–WOW!), but the mountings were big as well. Chunky! Even Clumsy. They stuck out from the ear quite a bit.

Listed as top grade “Hearts & Arrows“, these cz’s were set in 925 sterling silver with nice screwbacks.

The pieces felt well-made, heavy, solid, strong… and were impressive and stunning!

I don’t care for screwbacks though; the thread hurts my ears and it takes a long time to twist the backs on and off (which isn’t easy nor fun).

They look good though. Have a ton of sparkle, but did appear a little darker in the center (like pair #2).

All in all, they do make a huge statement and wouldn’t ever fall out of your ears.

Take a peek…

Hearts And Arrows CZ Earrings

Hearts And Arrows CZ Stud Earrings

CZ Stud Pair #4

Lastly, I reviewed the “Pure Brilliance” Swarovski cz studs

Pure Brilliance Stud Earrings

Set with 4 prongs, these studs most resemble a real diamond stud (you’d have a hard time picking these fakes from real stones).

And the nice thing; the posts were 14k gold (they won’t infect your ears). The rest of the mounting (basket) and the earring backs were sterling silver.

These earrings were ultra-white, very bright, very sparkly, and my favorite of the bunch.

The only problem…

The carat weight.

You get a little ripped here, because 1.50 diamond studs should be 6mm each stone…

These stones were only 5.5mm

Meaning, they looked smaller than the rest of the earrings I reviewed.

I will say though, that they do state directly on the Amazon product page, that (in their book) 1.50 carats were 5.5mm each (where they get that, I don’t know. A 3/4 carat stone is 6mm. Period!)

So their mm sizes are off, and if you didn’t know which was the correct mm to buy, you’d probably end up with small ones (like me. But I wanted to buy 1.50 total carat weight to compare).

Pure Brilliance CZ Stud Earrings

So if you’re ordering these… BUY BIGGER ONES! That way they won’t look tiny.

Pure Brilliance CZ Studs

The Winner is…

In my view, the best pair of cz stud earrings to buy was the Pure Brilliance Swarovski Studs.

They had the most brilliance, were very white (no dark shadows), looked just like real diamond earrings, had strong earring backs, and 14k posts.

Plus, they came in a nice gift box too!

Not to mention, they only cost $24.95 (at the time of this post).

Just remember to order bigger carat weights than normal.

For $25… You can’t beat them!

  1. Classic CZ Studs
  2. Stunning Flame CZ Studs
  3. Hearts & Arrows CZ Studs
  4. Pure Brilliance CZ Studs
  5. See ALL the CZ Stud Earrings HERE!

Cheers! :)

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