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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

How To Compare Diamond Prices Online

If you’re Buying a Diamond, for like an Engagement Ring, and you want to know if you’re getting a Good Deal, do this:

Compare The Diamond Prices Online!

That’s right, Compare the Stones you see in the Jewelry Stores to Identical Stones you see Online!


Because Online Stores have Little to No Overhead. They can usually sell the Same Quality of Stone for LESS!

There are Two Main Companies that I would Compare Prices with Online…



In fact, these are the ONLY Two Places that I would Fully Recommend and Trust Purchasing a Loose Certified Diamond.

That’s Because…

  • Their Service is Awesome!
  • Their Policies are Great!
  • They Have HUGE Inventories!
  • Their Prices are LOW!

So HOW do you Compare Diamonds?

You Start by comparing Apples to Apples, or in this Case, Diamond Reports to Diamond Reports (If you’re Buying a Loose Diamond or a Diamond Solitaire, Only Buy a Certified Diamond with a Diamond Report from GIA or AGS).

When you Compare Diamonds, you can’t just go to their Diamond Search Pages and Select the Proper Clarity and Color…

That would be FOOLISH

Foolish and NOT a Very Effective Way to Shop Stones.

This is because EVERYTHING listed on a Diamond Report Affects the Price of the Diamond.

So when you Compare Diamonds to Diamonds, you’ll need to know All the Specs or Main Characteristics about that Stone to Make an Educated Buying Decision.

You’ll Need to Know:

  • CUT

As seen on a GIA Diamond Report here…

GIA Diamond Report Characteristics!

Both James Allen and Blue Nile give you Options for Searching these Items, plus Advanced Options that are Crucial to Narrowing Down your Search…

James Allen Diamond Search!

Blue Nile Diamond Search!

Let’s look at an Example!

Say you find a Beautiful Diamond in a Jewelry Store near you. It’s an SI1, E Color, 1.01 Brilliant Cut Diamond, with a Very Good Cut, Excellent Polish, Very Good Symmetry, GIA Certified, and it’s Selling for $7,995.00.

Compare SI1 E Certified Diamond!

(Do Realize that if you Compare a Diamond Pre-Set in a Mounting, you should also Factor in that Mounting Price. Both James Allen and Blue Nile will give you Options to Set the Loose Diamond into a Mounting of your Choice, and will Add them together at Checkout!)

So Plugging in this Info into the Diamond Search Options (and Advanced Options), what you’ll see are more Realistic Search Results.

Now you’ll be able to Really Determine who’s Giving you the Better Deal!

James Allen SI1 E Diamond Search!

Blue Nile SI1 E Diamond Search!

So, looking at the Search Results, you’ll see that James Allen Brought back a Perfectly Matched Stone selling for just $5,710. See below…

James Allen SI1 E Diamond Price!

Blue Nile Brought back a Similar Diamond as well for $6,161

Bluie Nile SI1 E Diamond Price!

Both of these Diamonds are Very Equal in Comparison to what the Jewelry Store was Selling for $7,995.

Crazy isn’t it?

One Big Difference you’ll see between Blue Nile and James Allen, is the fact that James Allen actually shows you the Real Diamond you’re Buying, Magnified 10x. You can see all the Inclusions and Flaws in the Stone! It’s Awesome!

Blue Nile doesn’t show you the Real Stone, they just show you a Sample Photo. So with them, you won’t know what the Diamond looks like until it Arrives at your Doorstep.

Why are all these Options Necessary?

All of the Options shown can Affect Price Drastically! Just one Grade Higher or Lower could Throw the Price of the Diamond off by Hundreds and Thousands!

Don’t Believe Me?

Let’s Test This…

Going back to the Example Diamond Quality above, let’s Drop the Clarity down one Grade to SI2 and see what the Results are…

See the Plunge in Price just from an SI1 to an SI2? James Allen went from $5,710 to $5,140, that’s $570 Less! Blue Nile went from $6,161 to $6,023. That’s a Difference of $138.

Let’s do this Same Search with a Drop in Color…

We’ll go from E to H (A Couple of Steps Lower in Color)…

The price of the SI1, H at James Allen dropped $980! And Blue Nile’s price dropped $1,214.

See Why Comparing Exact Qualities Matter?

Even such a Simple Thing as Fluorescence can Affect the Price of the Stone… Which means, if you Forget to select a Grade such as: None, Faint, Medium or Strong, the Price could be way off.

Going back to the SI1, E Diamond. Selecting one with NO Fluorescence brings up this…

But, selecting “MEDIUM FLUORESCENCE” brings up this…

Both Stones Dropped a Few Hundred Dollars.

Pretty Amazing Right?

Note: I Do Advise Buying a Diamond with NO Fluorescence! (NONE)

Proportions and Size Count!

Polish and Symmetry also Shift the Price of a Diamond. Even just Dropping a Few Points can Lower Price.

Compare a .95 Carat Diamond to a 1.02 Carat Diamond with SI1, I Color…

That’s Over $1,000 Less from James Allen

Now let’s look at Blue Nile…

You can Quickly see how Every Little Aspect can Affect Price. Blue Nile just Saved you $447 for just 7 Points Less! (This is so Slight a Carat Weight that there probably won’t be any Visible Difference between them).

Compare Certificates!

Even the Type of Certificate (Really known as a Diamond Report) can Affect Price too.

Comparing GIA to IGI or EGL is NOT the Same Thing!

Different Certificates will Affect Price. Some Certificate Companies are LAX in their Grading and the Reports will be Questionable.

Usually GIA Certified Diamonds Cost More because they are More Accurate! But, they are also the Most Respected and Admired Diamond Grading Company in the World.

After all, They Did Devise the 4C’s!

Trust Them!

When GIA says that a Diamond is SI1, E Color, they mean it.

With other Companies, when they say a Diamond is SI1, E Color, it could really be an SI2, F or Worse. You just never know.

Stick with GIA or AGS and you’ll Get what you Pay for.

Again, I ONLY Recommend GIA or AGS!

You Buy anything else and you take your Chances with Both Quality and Price!

So if you’re Looking and Comparing a GIA Certified Diamond, Compare it to another GIA Certified Diamond. The same with AGS. AGS to AGS Only!

That way you’re Comparing Apples to Apples all the way

Compare GIA to GIA and AGS to AGS!

Different Diamond Shapes affect Price!

Even the Shape of the Stone will Affect the Price of the Diamond. Round Stones (Brilliant Cuts) Sell for More! Fancy Stones (Marquise, Princess, Radiant, Pear, Heart, Emerald…) Will Be Cheaper!

So if you Compare a 1 Carat, Brilliant Cut Diamond, VS1, E to a Princess Cut of the same Quality and Size at James Allen, this is what you’ll see…


Eye-Opening, isn’t it?

That’s a Difference of $4,170! HA!

What an Insane Drop in Price!

So if you’re Comparing Stones, Get All the Specs First, then Plug them into the Diamond Searches to see what the Results are. Are you Getting a Great Deal, or is it over Priced?

Compare everything and you’ll always come out ahead!

Diamond Price Match Program!

There is One More Option you could take

Price Match!

Blue Nile has an Exclusive “Diamond Price Match Program” that Sounds Pretty Nifty.

You Simply Call them at “888-565-7641” and give them the Exact Specs of the Diamond you’re trying to Price Match, and they’ll find you a Similar Stone for LESS (or at Least Attempt to).

Blue Nile Diamond Price Match Program!

This Sounds like a Very Cool Program

You’ll have to try it out! :)

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Top Diamond Vendors:

James Allen

James Allen

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James Allen

Blue Nile

Blue Nile

Blue Nile is the largest and most well known respected diamond dealer online. They are highly trusted, have a huge inventory, and low low prices (compare anywhere and see for yourself). If you want to save money, or build your own ring, this is the place to shop. Visit Blue Nile today.

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