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Custom Family Birthstone Mothers Day Charm Bead

I love really cool and unusual things…

And this year, for Mother’s Day (coming up May 13th), there’s something brand new

A family birthstone charm bead for your mom’s charm bracelet (and every mom has one).

I’ve never seen anything like this before, and I really love it.

It’s such a great way to personalize a bead, with your kids or family birthstones (gemstones for the month they were born in). And with this bead from “charmed memories“, you can do just that.

Choose your Birthstones…

Choose between 1-5 birthstones (and they can be the kids, the mothers at the top, the fathers, grandkids, grandparents…) You can even choose which order they go in

And you can customize it further by adding a family name or your mother’s name to be engraved on the bead.

Take a peek…

Customize Your Mothers Charm Bead With Family Birthstones

The Birthstones Are:

  • January Garnet
  • February Amethyst
  • March Aquamarine
  • April White Topaz
  • May Created Emerald
  • June Created Alexandrite
  • July Created Ruby
  • August Peridot
  • September Created Sapphire
  • October Created Opal or the Created Pink Sapphire
  • November Citrine
  • December Blue Topaz

Just like the charm bead that I personalized below…

Custom Family Birthstone Mothers Charm Bead

And all for just $61.45 (Price at the time of this post, will vary depending on the amount of birthstones chosen).

It’s a family tree, cast in pure sterling silver, and customized for your own family.

Order one today for Mother’s Day from Kay Jewelers HERE!

Cheers! :)

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